How can you take a selfie beautifully and naturally? This is an eternal problem. A hairstyle, makeup, dressing, pose for taking photos ... and the background of taking photos are all very important.

I don’t know if you found out that many celebrities upload their selfies taken in the bathroom on social platforms, which is pretty good.

Kim Kardashian even took a selfie in the bathroom on the plane.

  • Why do celebrities like to take selfies in the bathroom?
  • However, the photos you take in the bathroom at home are the same as those of the celebrities, but the photos you take are not satisfactory.
  • The same is taking pictures in the bathroom, why is the difference so big?

Reasons for celebrities taking selfies in the bathroom

After careful study, I discovered that the secret of the beauty of the bathroom is-light! In the residential bathroom, there is often only one incandescent lamp, so that the direct light is shaded. There is not much space in the bathroom, which often blocks light. And the light color is also single, mostly white light.

Most of the hotel's toilets use different types of lights to illuminate from different angles. The space of the bathroom is relatively spacious, the light irradiated will not be blocked, and the light is sufficient. The color of light is also a combination of cold and warm, and the bathroom is very moody and atmosphere.

Don't underestimate the role of light. A person will show different selves under a different light. 

Now you should understand why celebrities take selfies in hotel bathrooms. Unless your own bathroom is the same as the hotels.

If there is no good light, to take pictures, the stars are also very hard, trying to use everything around them to light themselves.

For example, Kendall Jenner even raised burning fireworks to make the light on her face more adequate. The photos look good, but they can feel a little dangerous across the screen.

For example, kylie jenner,who would stand in front of the opened refrigerator door and take a selfie, just for the best light. Needless to say, it must be cold.

When attending a party, not a girl star will also bring a photographer and fill light. It's not easy just to take good-looking photos.


Selfie Artifact——Qianya Ring Light

Ordinary people attending parties, with fill lights and photographers, are inevitably a bit exaggerated. But it doesn't matter, we can bring Qiaya portable selfie ring light that can meet your needs for lighting and taking pictures.

The circular design will let the light hit the face evenly, without the black and white boundary. The light on the face is sufficient, and the photos taken are naturally beautiful.

Qiaya's selfie ring light has 3 brightness settings to meet different scene needs. According to your needs, just press the button on the selfie light.

The most important thing is that it weighs 1.76 ounces, and it doesn't have an egg yet. It's not heavy on the phone, and you won't be tired when holding a selfie for a long time.

It is so light in weight that it fits in a bag, does not take up space, and is convenient for girls to carry out.

By the way, if you feel bad light when taking selfies in the bathroom at home, try Qiaya's selfie ring light! There will be surprises.