Photography, drawing with light, is an art of light. Both camera photography and mobile photography require light. Using light is not only a basic skill but also an important content reflecting the level of photographers. It takes seconds for the light to take a good picture.

If you want your selfie to kill everyone on the social platform, you need to know the knowledge and photo skills of using up:

The first is the knowledge of light, which has been introduced a lot in the past. Here we will focus on the following three points:

1. Use natural light

When taking selfies, we try to use natural light as much as possible. You can choose to be outdoors or in front of the window, and the time must be selected. The light at 10 am and 2 pm is the softest and the face will be more three-dimensional. At other times you will find that the light will be harder and the photos will lose their beauty.

2.Backlighting against the light source

Don't panic when you encounter backlighting while taking pictures. As far as possible from the light source, so that the subject is often surrounded by a halo. The face will not be illuminated so that the eyes cannot be opened, and the hair will shine.

3. With the help of Qianya ring light

Generally speaking, soft lighting can best reflect the beauty of women. When taking pictures most of the time, we will feel that the light is too hard or too dark. There are a variety of fill lights on the market that can make up for this. Qiaya's selfie ring lights are pretty good, if you are interested, you can try them.

The problem of light is solved, and the selfie is also skillful.

4. Put the phone

The first is that the position of the mobile phone when taking a selfie is very important. The height of the mobile phone is slightly higher than the eyes. The mobile phone screen is tilted down and the head is slightly lowered. Try to form an acute angle between the face and the mobile phone screen above the head.

In this way, the upper part of the face is closest to the lens, and the lower part of the face is the farthest from the lens, so the face shot is much smaller. If you form an obtuse angle, then there is no effect of face thinning.

5.Rich facial expressions

When taking selfies, facial expressions should be rich, so that the photos will be more vivid, so that people who see the photos can feel the mood of your shooting. Whether it is happy, funny, melancholic, troubled ... it can resonate with everyone.

Exposing teeth and laughing can make the jaw look sharper and make up for the short face.

Eyes closed, grinning wide, really contagious.

6.Use props

is also a good way to use props. The most common item is the hand. You can't show without you, as long as you want to get it.


Beautiful hand

Rest one's chin in one's hands

Stroking the hair, the thing is to be casual, tossing the hair aside, not only shows a small face but also adds a bit of randomness and style.

Use clothes as props, it will be very handsome!

Cats and dogs raised at home are also very suitable for taking selfies together and are very grounded.

Have you mastered the techniques of selfies? Hurry up and try it!