Gone are the days when you had to ask friends and even strangers to take pictures for you. Nowadays, it is much easier and more convenient to take a selfie, it's already common to have a lot of selfies. But the challenge with selfies is to get the light right. Selfie ring lights are essential if you want to make sure you have the right lighting conditions wherever you take pictures. The selfie ring lights illuminate the area around your smartphone each time, providing you with good lighting. You can use it indoors and outdoors, and many of them are lightweight portable

But if you want more perfect lighting, you have to choose the right selfie ring light. This means figuring out which models are compatible with your smartphone, the type of photo you like, and power supply of different ring lights. Our handy guide provides you with some tips for choosing a selfie ring light.


The first thing you have to consider when buying a selfie ring light is whether it works on your particular smartphone. Some models are designed only to fit Apple phones, while others are only available for Android phones. If the light is connected directly to your phone, make sure it fits your smartphone.

If you want to use the selfie ring light on a DSLR camera, make sure that the model you choose is also compatible with the device.

Clip-on and Standalone

There are two styles of selfie ring lights: clip-on and Standalone. Some models can be used in both two ways.

Clip-on selfie rings tend to be lighter and more compact, so they're a good choice for traveling or taking selfies out. However, they do not provide much adaptability.

The stand-alone selfie ring light is bigger and is designed to stand behind a smartphone while taking photos. They've equipped your phone with a tripod so you don't have to hold it yourself, and they often allow you to adjust the lights so they're right where you want them to be. However, standalone types are often quite bulky, so they are not always a good choice for travelers.

Power Supply

Most selfie ring lights are battery-powered, which means no wires and no need to be charged through electrical outlet. Batteries are usually rechargeable, so you can easily charge them with a USB cable. In most cases, the selfie ring light gives you at least three hours of battery life, although some models provide up to 10 hours of battery life until you need to charge it.


Selfie ring lights vary in size from small models to large desktop styles. Clip-on ring lightsare usually small and lightweight, so they are easy to put in bags or even pockets. Standalone selfie rings are usually big, so if you take them most often at home, it works better.

Brightness Setting

For greater versatility, you could choose a selfie ring light with multiple light settings. Choosing the ring light with at least three different brightness levels, which offer the different lighting conditions you may encounter.
If you want to further customize your lighting, choose the ring light with free lighting adjustment feature. Some selfie ring lights allow you to set the light from 100% to zero, which allow you a free control for your selfie lighting.


Clip-on selfie rings usually include a remote control that can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the remote control, you can easily take photos and videos away from your phone at the touch of a button.

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