Every photographer want to build their own photography studio. No matter you are a professional photographer or beginner, if you are considering setting up your shooting space, here is the list of some basic equipment for setting up a simple photography studio for you. Hope it would be helpful.


Light: The light you need in a studio includes main light and fill light. And according to different position, the light  can be used as main light, side light, bottom light.
If you are a photography beginner and don’t have the big budget, and a 18-inch ring light would satisfy your lighting requirements. The large lighting ring enables unobstructed lighting. With the stable tripod stand and flexible adjustable elements, you could achieve the light of any angle you want. This ring light also features three clolour temperature and ten brightness levels, you could adjusting the lighting to use it as the main light and fill light.


Reflector:there are many different reflector for your options such foft box, reflective umbrella and so on.

As for the photography umbrella, the soft umbrella is translucent, white, which also could be coated with silver or gold reflective material to soften the light. And the gold can enhance skin texture in portrait photography. QIAYA 4 in 1 reflector collection includes a soft umbrella, a gold umbrella, a silver umbrella and the stand.

Background panel

Background panel: according to personal interests and purpose, you’d better prepare some different background panel.
A big white background is the must-have, which is suitable for portrait photography and some product shooting. What’s more, the colourful background would the great improvement for your works. QIAYA 4 in 1 colourful background panel collection of 4 colour( green, blue, yellow, silver) meet all your shooting needs, which is also portable and space-saving.