Maybe you have already found that many anchors and fill-in lights for live influencers are all in a circle, just like a tall circle appears in the video. Is this style of fill light better than ordinary light poles and bulbs?

The answer is definitely yes! This style of fill light has a professional term-ring light.

The soft light can help the anchor and net red to be more beautiful in front of the camera.

The anchors and web celebrities who often broadcast live broadcasts want to present themselves in front of fans with beautiful images, exquisite makeup, no obvious flaws on the skin, large pores, and blackheads. This is not allowed. And also have good interaction with fans, can not ignore the management of their expression and expression.

In this case, most of the light needed by the anchors and celebrities is portrait lighting. The portrait fill light is soft. If you shine the LED light directly on the human face, 100% will have a very ugly light and dark dividing line, because the light is too hard.

To avoid this situation, it is necessary to increase the light-emitting area through the soft mask, the reflective plate, and the soft paper, so that the light shining on the human face is even and soft. Professional lighting equipment such as soft masks and reflectors are not expensive, but they must be equipped with professional photography equipment to play their role. For friends who like to take pictures with their mobile phones, it is not very useful.

The ring light has a wide range of application scenarios and can adjust 3 color temperatures

Thus, the ring light came into being. Its light source is the LED lights around the circle, which can increase the luminous area, the face receives light more uniformly, more three-dimensionally, and the skin is smoother.

Besides, its biggest feature is that it can make people's eyes have a particularly beautiful ring-shaped eye light, and the eyes shot are very bright and charming, just like automatic beauty.

Whether it's taking photos or videos, or beautifying live broadcasts, wedding makeup, it works well. If you have a make-up mirror at home, you can look at the circle of light bulbs around the make-up mirror, and you will understand the reason why ring lights can also be used to make up light.

To create different atmosphere effects, the ring light can also adjust different color temperatures, the range is 3500-6000k, press the button, you can call up white light, warm light, warm yellow light, respectively corresponding to the cool, refreshing, warm atmosphere, In each color mode, it can also adjust the brightness, the highest is 10 levels.

In summary, this is why ring lights are sought after by internet celebrities.