Light plays the important role in a good picture. In a way, photographers are called the light pursuer cause they are always searching the wonderful lighting for their works.
An umbrella may only be used to keep out the sun and rain for most of the time. In the photographers’ hands, umbrella reaches more and become their gadget for the creative photographs. Let's look at the game about light, umbrella and photography.

As the reflector

Imagine you were shooting outdoors and the pictures are not very well cause it was not easy to control the natural light and shadows without the professional light machine.

Photo with natural light @COOPH

In this case, if you have a black umbrella, the problem would be perfectly solved - you can use the black umbrella as a light-absorbing plate (i.e. the black side of the reflector).


Hold the umbrella close to the models face. You'll notice that there are some shadows on the photos taken, and the contrast has been improved.

With black umbrella @COOPH

Similarly, you can use a white umbrella as a reflector. Hold the white umbrella close to the model’s face.


By adjusting the relative angle and distance of the umbrella and the model, you can add highlights to the model's face or fill the shadows. 

With white umbrella @COOPH

Compare the three photos and you'll see the obvious differences.


DIY light source

Cut the tin foil (or aluminum foil) into wide strips and tile them on the surface of the umbrella, then a "reflective umbrella" is created.
Tie a off-camera flash lamp to the umbrella handle, make the lamp towards to the inside of the umbrella.


In this way, the umbrella itself become a highlighted light source that can be also used as a picture element. 

You can also place it near the subject as a soft light source. It's also a good idea to hang the LED string slot on the umbrella.

Create shadows

Take some black tape and equally attach them the surface of the umbrella.


Hold the umbrella and open it under the sun, the sunlight go through the umbrella will be partially absorbed by black tape, forming an stripe shadow on the subject.

When you take portraits, you can also use two umbrellas of different colors as 'reflectors' to create different colors of light that make people look like they are filled with two shades at the same time.



Be the background

Umbrella with colorful patterns can also serve as a good portrait background.


Last but not least, our QIAYA ring light would be always your ideal choice for your creative works.