The development of the Internet and smart devices has brought about great changes to our social life. The smartphone has been mostly popular today and more and more people like to take the selfies, take note of happiness of life and share with good friends. The same mobile phone can generate different photos in the different people' s hands. This is because some people have mastered some tips of taking selfie. Today, let's explore some selfie strategies.

Find good lighting

In general, photographs are imaged by light and shadow. Light has a significant impact on visual imaging. So the lightmaker is very important in photography. They specialize in utilizing the optical principles and professional lighting equipment to help produce high-quality and stunning photos.

What kind of light is best for a selfie? The light that shines from the oblique top of the subject improves the pronounced facial features. Such light beautifies the face shape.

The soft lighting often accentuates the feminine beauty and adds a warm and beautiful atmosphere. Take advantage of natural light, taking a selfie outdoors or in front of a window, and the light will be bright and soft. It is said that one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset are the magic selfie time, when the natural light is the most soft that beautify the face most. Or with a slight back to the light source, the skin can also look soft and make your hair look fluffy and shiny.

However, natural light is difficult to control and has great space-time limitations. Sometimes in an area with multiple light sources, it is hard to find the best light and angle. For this reason, a wide range of soft-light selfie lights are available on the market, which can be clipped on a phone and laptop.


With this selfie ring light, you can take a satisfying selfie anytime and anywhere. Taking a piece of tulle and making the light through the tulle also produce a better soft light effect.

You can also utilize the something to filter light and shadow, so that the mottled light and shadow mirror on the face then a beautiful and unique photo is taken.

Find the best angle

The 45-degree angle is a golden selfie angle, with the side face just exposing one eye, which visually makes your nose look tall. Shooting from this angle can mask the asymmetry of the face.

Show your truth with your expression and props

Vivid and fun photos are more popular. After all, no one wants to see a poker face all day long. However, the selfie novice snobs are initially nervous when facing the camera and they take the embarrassing photos.
The face takes the large proportion in the selfie picture and the eyebrows, eyes, mouth, they are absolutely the main character in your selfie. You can close your eyes or play the single-eye wink.

Don't be afraid to show the real you, freely express your emotions with your eyes and mouth, and show your truth through expression. You may not be like a supermodel, but you're more real and unique, hippie, quiet, charming and cute.

The most practical prop is the hand. Of course, you can also show others like ring and jewellery.

Hair is also one of the great props. You can place all your hair to one side and show your side face to the lens, which will enhance the contrast of light and shadow to accentuate the pronounced features of the face, while also adds a charming flavor.