In the last "Questions and Answers" article, we aimed at Qiaya 9-inch ring lights. Today, our object is Qiaya's selfie ring light.

This ring light can adjust three kinds of brightness, which can meet the needs of taking pictures in a dark room. Make-up and video shooting are also possible. This ring light does not require an additional battery, just charge it with a USB cable. Moreover, its appearance is exquisite and compact, and it can be put in your bag without taking up much space.

Question: Can this be turned around to take pictures of others or is it specifically for selfies?

Answer: Specifically for selfies.

Question: How you turn it off??

Answer: Hello, please press the button on top to turn the light on/off or adjust the lighting levels. The light has about 3 brightness options. Please click it until it turns off.

Question: Would this be good for taking photos of hair?

Answer: Yes it makes it stand out.

Question: Can it still be used if I used my phone horizontal?

Answer: Yes, the light just clips on to your phone and you can turn it horizontally and take pics easy!

Question: How well does it work in the dark?

Answer: It works well in the dark. I tested it at night using the lowest setting... with my blackout curtains drawn. Took a pretty good photo and it wasn't even the brightest setting.

Question: Would this work from a faraway distance?

Answer: Hi, this selfie light could be used within arm’s length and the closer, the better. Perfect for selfies and taking close up pictures of items!

Question: Is this bright enough to take pictures from a good distance away

Answer: A "good distance" is a bit subjective as a measurement, so I'll assume you mean farther than "arm's length"â€" which is the intended subject distance of a selfie light. This is a great supplementary light within that range, but it does not illuminate appreciably beyond it. So, in a word: NO.

Question: Will this clip onto an outer box?

Answer: Yes! It fits mine just fine! I use it for way more than that though! It’s a perfect light to clip onto the bed at night for reading. I use it in my purse to find things (because they get lost in there)! Highly recommended!

Question: Does this just stay on, or is It Bluetooth activated?

Answer: There is an on/off button on the ring light. It also has three levels of brightness, adjusted by the same button. No Bluetooth or any other APP needed, very easy to use.

Question: is the clip silicon? what material touches the phone?

Answer: Hello, it is silicon to avoid any scratches. It will clip sturdy on your phone for better lighting.

Question: Do you have to charge the ring light on a computer or can u just plug it in like if you're charging your phone?

Answer: Hello, you don't have to charge the ring light on a computer. You could charge it with power bank, your phone charger and wall adapters with output voltage lower than 5V or other USB port of power strips. It's like charging your cell phone.

Question: Will this eliminate red-eye for dark enclosed spaces (i.e. parties, bars, restaurants) or outdoors where the lighting is very dim?

Answer: This selfie light will not cause any red-eye like phone flash and help you take better pictures in dark areas.

Question: Can I set this light to stay on for an hour, or more? I'm using them in small lamps in an area that does not have electrical outlets.

Answer: Yes, you can as the light can stay on for 2-4 hours after fully charged for continuous use.

Question: Can you charge and use it at the same time, so it can last many continuous hours of teaching online?

Answer: Yes, it can be used when charging. But use after a full charge will be better for battery life.

Question: I have just received mine today. How long am I supposed to charge it and how do I know if the battery is full?

Answer: Usually it takes 2-2.5 hours to fully charge the light and the indicator beside the charging port will turn red when charging and turn green or purple after a full charge.

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Question: Will this work if my cell phone has a case?

Answer: Hello, this light has a clip that can be clipped onto any devices up to 3cm/1.18 inches thick. If your device with the case is not thicker than this, it will work pretty well.

Question: Can I charge it while using it or does it have to be unplugged to be on?

Answer: It can be used while charging.

Question: After charging it, how long does the light last until I have to charge it again?

Answer: According to the feedback from other customers, it can be used for 7-8 hours after a full charge. If for continuous use, you may need to charge it after 3-4 hours.

Question: Does this have multiple lighting settings?

Answer: Yes....3 settings.

Question: Does it work on a normal smartphone?

Answer: Works on all cell phones.

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