In the field of portrait photography, there is a very popular equipment -- the ring light.

They are easy to use. Putting the ring light directly in front of the photography subject, then the camera could also be placed in the middle of the ring light to take shots. The resulting images are often evenly exposed with few shadows thus this kind of ring lights are popular with the photographers.

In addition, the ring light light can create a special and unique circle light in your eyes which will brighten the eyes and increases the charm corona, especially for headshots and close-up face shots.

Furthermore, the use of ring lights retouch won't just stop here.

As the primary light 

With the special size and unique shape, ring lights reach further than the normal photographic lights.
The ring light can be placed directly in front of the subject to provide uniform lighting, but it can also be placed in other locations and used as a "normal" photographic light -- and it works well.
It is of ring structure. You have to put it a little further away and increase the brightness and tilt the lamp toward the subject . You can also take other objects to block the light to control its lighting area, or to add a shadow effect.

The special structure of the ring lamp makes it a softbox. Maybe you have to take more parameter settings (brightness, position, Angle, etc.) when using it, but it actually produces the better lighting than the normal photographic lamp.

As a fill light 

In addition to acting as a normal primary light, the ring light can also be used as the filling light along with photographic lights, flash and other studio light sources.
As a filling light source, the ring light features the good light-replenishing effect, which is similar to the normal light source with large softbox.

In addition, the large ring light also features the wide colour temperature of light. You can easily adjust and choose the light modes you want.

As the creative photographic props

Featured with circle structure, the ring light itself is funny and eye-catching thus can be used as the shooting props and improve the photographic composition.

You can also place it behind the model to create a circular halo. This will make the picture attractive and interesting.

Different sizes of ring lights have different creative plays, get the ring light and develop your wonderful works.