Affected by the epidemic, everyone wore a mask when traveling. Some people have made many discoveries after wearing masks:
  • After wearing a mask, I found that I had bad breath. I put it on all day and felt that I was going to be smoked to death;
  • After wearing the mask, I found that my face was really big, and the face of the mask was so painful;
  • After wearing a mask, I found myself looking better than when I was not wearing a mask;
  • After wearing a mask, I found that good-looking people became better ...

Yes, good-looking people, whether wearing masks or not, look better than you. They wear masks and only show their eyes, they will also emit an irresistible charm. Oh, this damn charm. With just one look, they can let you call out their names.

Want to try it? Let's play a "look at people" game! See if you can guess who they are?

The first contestant:
Her blue eyes are very clear, her eyes are slender and deep, and her eyes are not big, but it gives a very charming feeling.

Can you guess who she is? She is Taylor Alison Swift.


The second contestant:

You look at her green eyes, but also exude a unique sense of fierceness while catching the soul. And the eye-catching eyeliner, at first glance, is a bad master.

She is a singer, an actor, or a darling of the fashion world. Can you guess who she is? She is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

The third contestant:

She is not very young, but her eyes are very rich. She played a series of movies that were liked by many people.

Can you guess who she is? Yes, she is Emma Watson.

The fourth contestant:

This is the eyes of a man. Many people describe it as such: those eyes are clear, tender, innocent, and pure. They are the eyes of a child who is a natural choice as to if the first man in the world is like him.

Can you guess who he is? It is Keanu Reeves.

The fifth contestant:

His eyes are blue to transparent, maybe it is the smallest sea in the world, but it is enough to drown sharks. The eyeball trembles slightly, and then glances for thousands of years. In these eyes, there is wisdom in melancholy, and there is no shortage of fragility in affection, which is pleasing to everyone.


Do you know who he is? He is James McAvoy.

The sixth contestant:

His eyebrows are beautiful, his eyes are bright, and the color of his pupils is light blue, and the transparency is as brilliant as gems. He is also a star that everyone loves very much.

Have you guessed his name? His name is Leonardo DiCaprio.

After seeing so many eyes that exude unique charm, I believe everyone has realized the importance of eyes to a person.

The eyes are the windows of the soul. When taking pictures, especially when taking portraits, our eyes often determine our emotions and sorrows. The smart eyes also add an aura to the photo and make the photo alive. If the eyes of the person in a photo are very special, you will be impressed.

It may not be difficult to have such eyes when taking pictures, you need to use some tools-such as ring lights that can add points to the eyes. The ring light is a circular light that can emit a ring of light and looks like a tall ring.

The ring light will not cause nasal shadows to the photographer, and it will have a better suppression effect on wrinkles and eye bags due to shadows. It can also provide a very good eye light and convey the character and emotion of the character. With its help, taking a good-looking picture is not a problem.

Eyes, we have to protect them well. When taking pictures, we can also use the ring lights to create a variety of soft lights to make ourselves look more photogenic.