A well-known use of ring lights is to fill the light when taking pictures or videos so that the subject of the picture receives a uniform and soft light, and the pictures taken have no shadows. Besides, it can also be used as a shooting prop, making your photos interesting and creative. Most people don't know this use. Today, let's take a look at the blockbuster film made by other people using ring lights as props!

Put flowers, grass and even your hands in the middle of the ring light-I saw a ring light lit alone in the black background, and the flowers and grass in the middle could be vaguely seen. The style of the photo is very simple but not simple, revealing a mysterious atmosphere.

You can also put your hand into the ring light like this.
Remember, your fingers should not be so stiff, you can make a call or welcome gesture. The black-and-white photos convey a message of longing for light. You can feel it with your heart.



This picture is a bit scary. It feels like a ghost is staring at us in the dark. He slowly stretched out his hand as if he wanted to grab something.



Advanced gameplay is here. When the ring light is not working, it is a tall ring, which is not ugly. If a model uses it as a composition tool, can you imagine the picture?
You see, the model is standing in front of the ring light, facing away from the camera, posing in various poses: you can think like a thinker, you can daze nothing, you can look down on the ground. In short, what is left to the world is a lonely but back story and the photos taken are very feeling.



Take out the camera and shoot the ring light in the dark, don't be too beautiful. At first glance, this picture didn't see people taking pictures. It was amazing to see the hands and eyes after the gods looked at it.


With the ring light behind, the model stands in the middle, like an angel with its light. Put it in your hand or put it around your neck, you can receive many different surprises!



Do you already want to take pictures as you can't bear? Remember to buy a ring light first, friend! You are only one ring light away from the blockbuster.