Pantone Color Institute™ is dedicated to providing trend forecasting and color consulting services. Here is trends report about the fashional colours for the fashion industry published by Panton, which would be your fashion guide for the coming seasons. The report listed10 preferred colors and four classic neutral colors which would be shown on the 2020/2021 Autumn Winter New York Fashion Week.
According to color experts at Panton, the fashion colours of the 2020/2021 Autumn Winter New York Fashion Week reflect our interest in the classic seasonal colours and the colours of  individuality. Featured with the immortal sense and flexible expression, these colours are also the unique and powerful declaration. They are also creative and practical, reflecting the Contemporary Consumer conception -- value and over Timelessness are prior to colour because the colors chosen today may disappear tomorrow.

PANTONE 16-1350

Amberglow is a bright orange that enhances self-confidence and promotes creative self-expression.

PANTONE 19-1662

Samba is a amorous red that brings high energy.

PANTONE 16-1328

Sandstone is connected to nature, featuring with a rustic sense.

PANTONE 19-4052
Classic Blue

Classic blue brings us the never-before-expected feeling, reminiscent of the vast and endless twilight sky and leads us into a world full of infinite possibilities.

PANTONE 13-0648
Green Sheen
Green Sheen presents the optimistic rebellion, is a bold and acidic yellow-green tone and always outstanding.
PANTONE 16-1511
Rose Tan
Rose Tan is a soft dark pink that gives a calming meaning.

PANTONE 18-5338
Ultramarine Green

Ultramarine Green is the deep cold blue-green, presents confidence and calm.

PANTONE 19-1337
Fired Brick

Fired Brick is a strong color, adding a sense of solemnity.

PANTONE 14-1220
Peach Nougat

Peach Nougat is warm and attractive.

PANTONE 19-2428
Magenta Purple

Magenta Purple is a charming and hypnotic purple tone.

The dominant colours

PANTONE 12-0713
Almond Oil

Almond Oil white is a smooth and delicate beige tone.

PANTONE 19-3940
Blue Depths

Blue Depths implies mystery and the unknown. 

PANTONE 16-3916

Sleet is a timeless gray that brings the sense of reliability, firmness and durability, emphasizing our pursuit for permanence.

PANTONE 19-0622
Military Olive

Military Olive is the basic green, presenting the strong loyalty.