Regarding Qiaya's ring lights, everyone's questions are still heard. Today, I summarized some of the more frequently asked questions and organized them into a blog. Those in need can take a look.

First of all, the ring light in the article is the ring light of Qiaya with a bracket. It has 3 color modes: white, warm light, and warm yellow (color temperature: 3500-6000k). The brightness of each color mode can be easily adjusted to 10 levels through the remote control. QIAYA selfie ring light is designed to eliminate all fascinating shadows to highlight your posture and darken everything behind you.

1.Question: I have a small business and needing to take some photos for the website. Is this a good light to get quality photos of my products?

Answer: Yes, for a small business it is ok. Because the light ring is the size of the soccer ball let’s say. But it is very strong ... to take photos and video ins the selfie mode you can’t use the maximum because it is to much light. I used it for my videos and work very well.

2.Question: Can the phone holder rotate from landscape to portrait?

Answer: Of course! The phone holder supports 360° rotating, so it can rotate from landscape to portrait easily.

3.Question: Can I put a larger light on this stand?

Answer: I wouldn't suggest it. The stand is perfectly weighted for the light that comes with it. A larger light might make it top-heavy.

4.Question: can it be used for a computer?

Answer: Yes. It can be used for computers also.

5.Question: Is the light bright enough?

Answer: The lights have 10 levels of the brightness level for 3 color modes (white, warm white and warm yellow), which are bright enough for all you need.

6.Question: Does it have to be sitting on a table to work or could it be sitting on the floor?

Answer: It can sit on the floor.

7.Question: Can I use it with my Apple 11?

Answer: Yes, The width for iPhone 11 is 2.9 inches, the width for the phone holder is 2.0 - 3.6 inch, so it fit for your phone.

8.Question: Can I use my Ipad 11in with the ring light?

Answer: I think it only fits cell phones. If you had something to hold the iPad you could, but the holder won't extend far enough for a tablet.

9.Question: Can you use a normal camera?

Answer: As long as it fits into the spring holster. It's meant for phones, so its roughly 3/4-1 inch wide or so, so if your camera is small enough, absolutely!

10.Question: Will it break easily? Is it easy to carry?

Answer: Very simple to assemble and dismantle making it easy to carry.. and it is very sturdy as well.

11.Question: Does the seller provide a warranty for this product?

Answer: YES! All products are covered by 12-month warranty and lifetime support. For any questions or help needed, please do not hesitate to contact us through Amazon. We are 24 hours online.

12.Question: How can I contact the seller?

Answer: Hello, if there is any question, please click “sold by” on the product page and you will be directed to “ask a question” to send us a message. We are 24 hours online and would be happy to address your questions or concerns.

Do you have any questions? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.