Life without photography is incomplete. It is undeniable for someone that photography caresses their souls in some way.

However, have you been wondering why  there is the big difference between your photo and others’ photo? How could someone take the amazing photos that you never have done? To be a photography influencer, you have to know about not only the  shots, scenes but also the lighting. But it is not easy to control the light especially the natural light.
In today's world of mobile filming, the wonderful photography not only depends on the smart phone, creative people also find their best assistant – the selfie ring light.

The phone lens generate the pictures by capturing the light. And poor light would affect the quality of the pictures. So, you also need a ring light that could create the good light for your photography without distorting your works. Qiaya’ selfie ring light would be your best choice. With three brightness, it can simulate the natural light and brighten whatever you want to take photo of.

The real using effect under poor light conditions

With the poor light, the face looks gaunt in the picture. After using the ring light, it seems be featured with the diffusion effect.
Hidden fixed clip fitting smartphone and laptop wouldn’t obscure the lens. The clip is specially designed with a soft silicone anti-slip protective pad, which is not only could be held firmly, but also prevents the scratches for the device.

In addition, this ring light can also be used as a selfie light, makeup lights, emergency flashlights, room night lights, party fluorescent stick...
It is a light that brightens the skin tone and removes shadows when taking a selfie.
When making up, it can effectively present the real color of the face, so that you can keep good shape anytime and anywhere.

It can also be used as a flashlight at night to light up your way home.
It can also act as a night light in your bedroom, then you wouldn’t fall down anymore at dark night.

It  is only 50g, weighing as little as an egg, and 3.3 x 1.1 x 3.3 cm. It is easy to hold it to a carry-on bag or into a pocket.

This ring light is also featured with a built-in battery and can be charged via a universal USB interface for mobile power, laptops, and more.