Imagine how you would pose when a camera put on you. If the trends of photo poses are made into a documentary, you might get the fashion and social trendy over the decades. The popular photography pose of each time is the miniature of the era and the symbol of the fashion.

NTT Docomo and photo software Snow have jointly launched a video that illustrated the hundreds-year history of Japanese girls' selfie-pose from the hottest love-finger now to the retro ‘v’ gesture. If you are still wondering about the selfie poses, maybe you can get some inspiration from the film.


The most popular selfie gesture these days is probably the love-finger. This gesture resembles a heart, first caught on with the popularity of Korean pop culture in Asia, where stars often show their love for their fans with a loving finger, making it a popular pose among high school students.

Holding the chin

This posture became popular in 2015 and is popular among young girls because blocking the face with hands then your face looks smaller in your selfies. Tipping head and stick my tongue Both tilting your head and sticking your tongue to look cute( You have to be cautious cause it would make you look silly if you couldn't make it well.)


The 'pouting' gesture could be traced back to 2000 when many popular Japanese actresses like had thin lips and they open the mouth slightly. This gesture represents the aesthetic expression of that time, which is regarded as a perfect combination of loveliness and sex appeal. Therefore, it is favored by many young girls.

GAL (Egg) style 


One of the most popular gestures of the 1990s was the GAL style -- a trend led by spicy stars like Amuro Namie who featured with wheat color skin, bright blonde curls, sparkly nails,and sexy dresses.
Especially for young girls of the 2010s generation, the magazine 'Egg' also popped up at that time. And model's favorite pose at the time was the bright and vivacious style with open hands, which was also in line with GAL girls' sexy and passionate style -- hence the posture was also named 'Egg'.

'V' gesture and 'bad girl' style

In addition, the 80's girl idol liked the 'V' gesture and the bad girl style was once the photo pose in Japan.

Looking back and 'shy' style

Looking back and 'shy' style and some classic poses are now back in favor, becoming the popular retro style. For example, in 1684, looking back naturally and pretending not to look at the camera is a popular gesture.


In 1915, putting the hand by the mouth became popular also, which looks shy and sweet and was favored by Japanese women at that time.