Great painter or sculptor does nothing without his or her tools! If you want to up your Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat self-portrait game, you’re going to need a few key accessories.

Improving the lighting, reducing the blur, getting rid of the self-timer, and even turning a phone case into a drone, it’s all going to make for better shots. Here are five gear recommendations that’ll have you taking better selfies in no time.

The miniature selfie ring light

Big things come in small packages, and good selfies come in great lighting. If you’re unlikely to be carrying around a professional lighting rig on your travels.

The Qiaya Selfie Ring Light is a good choice and it provides high-brightness that is natural. With 3 different brightness levels, you can easily get the light level and the perfect result you want with tweaking the dimmer switch. There is a built-in rechargeable battery and you don’t have to swap out batteries regularly either.

Selfie stick


We understand that angle is one of the important factors for a good selfie then the adjustable selfie stick is your best choice. There are many kinds of selfie sticks in the market. With an adjustable phone holder that fits most phones and the adjustable length, the selfie stick has been very popular with the social media influencers. It also features soft padding so it doesn't scratch up the chassis of your device.

LuMee Duo for iPhone


It is a special selfie gadget. The Lumee Duo phone case, which is endorsed by Kim Kardashian West, is equipped with two bands of adjustable soft light. Click the case button once to activate flattering selfie light, or hit it twice to illuminate the foreground. Available for iPhones and Galaxy phones.

Cell phone holder with selfie ring light

Maybe you shouldn’t limit yourself to three brightness settings, and step it up with ten. This set from Qiaya is equipped with three lights of varying warmth that can be dimmed and brightened to ten different levels.

With a 360 ° rotatable stand in horizontal or vertical or other directions, it is available anywhere for you to take selfies, video chats, live streaming, product display, online teaching, live beauty videos, etc.

The ring light kit with tripod stand

The Qiaya Ring Light Kit with tripod stand is also one of the best-selling and cheapest lighting kits you must get. This product comes with everything you need to get started right away, allowing you to transform your regular photographs into professional ones. With the color temperature of 3500-6000k, the brightness of each color mode can be easily adjusted in 10 levels via the remote controller. Removing the big ring light, it can easily become a selfie stick that can be held on your hands to help you find the best angle.

The ring light has taken the world of social media content production by storm. And It is true that lights really do lift a well-composed image to the next level.

Why not try one out and see for yourself?