For most influencers of live-streaming industry, lighting arrangement is one of the most important step for the decoration of the live-streaming studio. The six basic factors of light are light brightness, light position, light quality, color temperature, light ratio and lighting Patterns. By controlling these elements, we can achieve the desired creative effect. In addition to rendering the atmosphere and creating the individual style, the lighting also has a powerful skin-beauty effect.

There are many different lighting solutions. The well matching of different light source, light angle, brightness and color temperature will produce different effects and effects.
The most commonly used lighting solutions in the studio include key light, fill light, contour light, top light, rim light and background light.

The light function and lighting solutions

Generally speaking, the standard lighting solution involves 5-6 lights. It lights are too little then the effect of lighting will appear single, it is difficult to create the best effect. That too many lights will also increase the difficulty of lighting adjustment.

Key light

There are many types of light and different types of light naturally produce different effects. The lighting arrangement of the webcast studio should follow a principle, that is, multi-light shooting, and the key light can only be one. No matter how the light position changes, the key light is the key to the entire shot.

The key light is the main light source, maps the appearance and shape of subject, assuming the role of the main lighting, can illuminate the light evenly on the face of the streamer -- this is the first step of light-beautifying.

Generally the led light with cold colour temperature would be used as the key light. The key light can be put anywhere, but usually placed toward the camera with 45 degrees and down to the object with 45 degrees.

When the key light is parallel to the face of the streamer, the face of the person is not shadowed. But the appropriate shadow can improve the three-dimensional sense of the character, so the key light should be slightly higher than the face of the streamer to create the shadow.

Fill Light

It's easy to arrange the fill light. The fill light is usually arranged in the opposite position to the camera. For example, if the key light is on the left of the camera, then the fill light would be on the right of the camera. If you only turn on the key light, you will find that the the difference between light and dark is very strong, which may causes too much shadow. At this time, the fill light is needed to fill the shadow caused by the strong key light.

Fill light can also be created by putting the light towards the wall in front of the streamer, which can create the softer light and make your skin look more comfortable and more natural.

Rim light

Rim light is the light used to stroke the outline of the subject, which gives the subject a three-dimensional and spatial sense. Backlight and side backlight are often used as rim light. You can place the light source behind the streamer to highlight the streamer or the subject. Rim light is often brighter than the key light. A dark background helps to highlight the rim light.

Background light

The background light is generally located behind the host. It should be as simple as possible. This light is only to create a more beautiful and harmonious streaming environment. The simple lamps with stand would be a good choice. White or warm white light in the rear corner to form a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

After solving the lighting problem, there is a point to note, is to adjust the color temperature. Different color temperatures can also create different atmospheres.


Here we introduce four lighting solutions and hope they would be helpful for you.

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