The street is a very chaotic place where everyone has their own world and they are in a hurry to walk in different directions. Perhaps many people think that photos are "meaningless", in fact, it is not. Each image has its own meaning and story.

Catching details in such a crowded and noisy street is not an easy thing to do and sometimes taking a good picture is a fact about luck, and sometimes I go out to take pictures and get nothing, but sometimes I catch a lot of fond moments.
There may be little skill for street photography, and for photographers. Good photography requires patience and subtle observation. But there is something needed to be paid attention to, which would make your shoot more efficient.

Being ready at all times

Shooting the street view is not an easy thing, it requires us to stay focused and keep observing to find the fond moments to record. Sometimes the fond moment lasts only a few seconds, and if you don't catch it in time, it will disappear forever.

Photography has many steps. First, we have to be very familiar with our equipment. Actually, we don't have time to adjust our camera when we find the moment we want to catch it. So we need to be focused at all times to quickly set the camera parameters to the appropriate configuration and hold up the camera to press the shutter.

Find the good scenes

Before you shoot street photography, you need to have the right thinking about street photography. You couldn't find good stories for your street photography just but by walking around the street.

We need to know where stories are more likely to happen. Also learn to wait, wait for the right scene and the right person to enter your street photography.


The worst enemy of street photography is your fear--fear of strangers, which will make us feel embarrassed and lose the courage to hold up the camera. Discovering the image is only the first step in capturing the defining moment, and we have to turn our vision into a photo. If you're afraid to get close to objects, you'll never be able to make good work.

Some people ask me how they could get so close to others to take pictures?
In fact, fear doesn't come from the others, but from yourself, and most of the things you worry about wouldn't happen.If someone really doesn't like taking photos, you also need to politely explain your intentions. If they still don't like, then you have to delete the photos. All in a word, everything should be polite.

Perfect composition

At the ever-changing streets, it's difficult to find the right scenes with perfect composition. Sometimes after we find the right composition, the scenes you want have already disappeared.

Besides the rule of thirds, any composition is based on the story. As long as the picture can bring out emotions and good stories, this is enough. The guide line is very important, if the guide line is very chaotic, it is difficult for the audience to take the emotion. We can also determine composition by cutting later.


Whatever you want to shoot, remember that never lose your curiosity about the world and humanity. Curiosity leads us to more interesting images and makes us stronger.
Street photography is the art requiring the accumulation of experience. Good stories will not always be there waiting for you, it only happened in a flash and then disappear. But fortunately, it's always happening. A story ends then a new story is coming. All we have to do is to observe carefully, wait patiently, and then record them.

What you can do can also be just to bring happiness to yourself. If you're tired of heavy cameras and cumbersome compositions, you can put aside the burden and plan a pleasant and relaxing trip. At this point, all you need is a mobile phone and a portable mini selfie light. When you can't find beautiful stories and scenes, it is ok to take a beautiful selfie with your camera and ring lights, and create your own story in which the protagonist is YOU.