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3 color modes, easy to carry and add points for a selfie

@Samantha Logan

I love this light. It has 4 brightness settings and is rechargeable. I only just received it, but wow what a huge difference. And for the price, you just can't beat it!


I just received my ring light! It's easy to attach and love the 3 brightness settings! It's a total game changer! Will probably update in a few months how the battery holds up.


Does what it says it does. Not sure yet how long one charge will give me, but so far so good. I love that I can simply recharge with a USB (short) cable. The light is bright, will clamp on to any phone with even the bulkiest phone case. The light can get 3 times brighter by clicking a button on top I'm traveling shortly and I know we'll be taking pictures in the dark-- at the beach bar, in the club, restaurants... this small, portable clamp-on light will come in handy for sure!.


I just received this a few days ago and I have used it so much. It has improved the quality of my photos and added brightness to my videos. It is still operating on the initial charge from when I first fully charged it. It is USB rechargeable which is a must for me. Very light and easy to stick into my work bag pocket or side of my purse. I was not disappointed. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to get rid of those harsh shadows when taking selfies, photos in low light, or videos on their phone.

In addition to selfies, it can also be used in makeup and other industries


I am a Lash Artist and this light is perfect for taking professional looking pictures of my work. It's lightweight and easy to use. Highly recommended!


A little tricky at first on my S7, but I have found a few places that it works well on my phone. I wanted it for makeup pics and it has worked great thus far! I used the flash and light on the picture I have posted. It definitely makes a difference, since my vanity bulbs make me look orange.

@Amazon Customer

I am a hairstylist and I was looking for something to improve my pictures on my phone to better show my work, I can say I am very pleased with the light and the results, and I love being able to charge it and go!


I use this to take before and after photos of eyelash services we do at our salon. Everyone thinks it's the coolest thing ever. I always tell them to purchase one from you guys! Thank you so much!

This little light is awesome and super convenient! It's a powerful little thing, that has a good battery life, and within a couple of hours, you can have it charged from 0 to 100. It comes with the micro-USB charging cable, but you must use your own charging block (i.e. Your iPhone wall charging block works just fine.) It's awesome having the 3 different brightness' on it, and you can really see the difference between each one of them. I photograph handmade jewelry up close, and the regular flash on the iPhone blows out the photos. But when I use the Ring Light, its always perfect, and with the adjustable lighting, it's super easy and fast! When I first got it out of the box, I took a couple of photos of my dog to test it out... The first image of my dog has NO Flash and the second image is the Ring Light on the brightest setting (3x) both taken on my iPhone 7 plus. You can see a big difference just in that! Convenient to take anywhere, hours of battery life, use for front or back cameras easily, and such a good price! So worth the buy!

I bought it and gave it to others, they also like it!

@Talking Addiction

Some charge right out of the box. Spring seems secure. I will update after my daughter uses it. Mid-November.

UPDATE: she loved it! Just what she was looking for apparently.


Arrived on time, in a nice sturdy box. I was giving a couple as gifts, as well as one for myself and the box is nice enough to wrap up or stick a bow on and look good. It was charged on arrival so I could check out the light and brightness. I haven't gotten to use it a ton yet but so far so good!! The lights were well received as gifts, too!


I purchased this item because I saw a friend of mine using this light. My first encounter with this product was at a KTV hang out. Usually, iPhones do not have very good lighting when it comes to taking photos at night because of the setting. But I personally don't enjoy using the flashlight at all because the exposure is way too bright. Buying this product really helps me to take pretty selfies at night and when it is dark :) my favorite part of the product is that you can adjust different levels of brightness based on the lighting condition you are at. Amazing product and would definitely recommend my friends to buy it too!

The above comments are all from Amazon, absolutely true! Is it heart-warming for QIAYA's ring lights? Why not buy one for yourself and feel a different selfie!

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