No matter how good-looking you are, if you see the picture your boyfriend took you, you will collapse, and then you can’t wait to hammer him. Ask him while hammering: Is this me? Do I look like this?

The pictures your boyfriend took for you are so ugly that even my mother didn't know them. The photos you took for your boyfriend are so handsome that the mother-in-law read them and said yes.

The webpages launched a special contest on Twitter. The content of the contest is the photo I took for my boyfriend vs the photo my boyfriend took for me. Don't look at it, startled. It turned out that the same world, the same boyfriend. All the boyfriends in the world are similar!

The boyfriend has a big smile and is very handsome. And myself, I can't even see my face. The message conveyed by the photo is: who am I, where am I, and where am I going?

(Photo by Anna Clendening)

OMG! Such an ugly meal photo! I feel that my mouth can fill the next world.

(Photo by Tabitha)

In the photo, I feel that my IQ is not online.

(Photo by Mom)

The photo of the boy taking pictures of his girlfriend is the scene of a large car accident. I had so many elegant and beautiful poses during dinner, so why did you just take this picture?

Look at my way of eating intently. I don't know if I haven't eaten in three months.

(Photo by T'Chahal)

Looking at this one, I feel like I'm crying.

(Photo by Mom)

The boyfriend looked firm and looked into the distance. And my eyes were dull and dull, and I just woke up.

(Photo by MRS Professor RJ Lupin )

Before I opened my eyes, he pressed the shutter for me.

(Photo by -yuh)

I was sitting in a chair, and my blonde hair was white. The background behind me was even more dead.

(Photo by Jolson)

Don't ask me, I don't know what I took.

(Photo by Liv)

Such an ugly sleeping posture, do you want to take pictures and keep yourself to appreciate slowly?

(Photo by Zed)

Familiar pain! In the photo, I am like a mistress who wants to talk a lot to others.

(Photo by Sharndeep)

The composition of the male ticket is inexhaustible. Let me give him a lesson.

(Photo by Jolson)

The pictures I took for my boyfriend are literary and artistic films. The picture he took for me became a horror movie in a second.

(Photo by Sandra)

After reading these comparison photos, girls can relax! It turns out that everyone ’s boyfriends are almost the same, and it resonates!

Want to know how boys take beautiful pictures for their girlfriends! The next blog will tell you! Everyone is welcome to continue to pay attention to!