Have you noticed that every time you open your social media accounts, you'll always indulge in the food photos from all over the world. Though you don't know their real taste, the photos are really mouth-watering.
There are many people post their photos of delicious food on social media like twitter, face book and instagram, which are fascinating and make people feel pleasant. With the excellent cooking and photography skills, many people bring happiness to others and inspire someone, at the same time, they are getting many followers.

Here are some tips for you to take fascinating photos.

Find the good light!

Light is the soul to photos and it is very important. First you have to choose a good place with bright natural light then the food could be shown with original and real color under the opulent sunshine. In this way, the photo you take would be creamy and colorful and texture of the food would be improved!

However, it's not every day you can find the bright natural light. If there's no sunshine, how could we solve the problem of light sources? At this point, a small ring light can come in handy.

This QIAYA ring light is stylish, compact and portable.Even when you go out for a trip, you can also take the food photos anytime and anywhere.In addition, it has a rechargeable USB port has three brightness settings.Just clip it on your phone and you can adjust the brightness as you need.

Find a good angle

When taking photos of the big meal, you can arrange the table a little bit. Shoot from above, and all the food could be included.

If the food is of a certain minimum height you can shoot from the side or horizontal direction to emphasize the food's laminate feel.

What's more, you should also pay attention to the lens to the food, put the lens to the beautiful side of the subject in order to improve the viewer's appetite.

As for the shooting background, if you are experiencing street food you can find solid-colored walls or textured walls.

Pay attention to the composition

Good composition is also very important for taking a good picture! You can put the food you want to show in the middle and scatter the rest of the food aside.

Placing the flowers on the table also can beautify the picture and create a good mood.

Good color matching

If the color matching of the picture is too monotonous , it will appear to be weak, so you can use the contrast color appropriately, as shown below.

In fact, the trick of food photography is very simple! Of course, food photography is also a sophisticated process, learn more, do more, practice more, then you can take photos to life. You can also appropriately use some photographic equipment or other gadgets like the ring light, which would produce the unexpected effects.