Right now live broadcasting has entered thousands of households, and many people have embarked on the road of becoming anchors. Friends with sharp eyes may find that the anchors have around the light in the live room, which is almost their standard. That's right, the name of this round lamp is called a ring lamp.

Photographer making ring lights

DIY craftsmen who are keen on DIY, use their ideas and dexterous hands to make the materials they buy and collect into ring lights.

For example, Davidian female photographer Gvido Mūrnieks, to meet her photography needs, she made LED ring lights.

Through testing, Gvido Mūrnieks found that this ring light can shine a light even at a long distance The model's face meets the photographer's needs for portrait shooting. Moreover, it is very convenient to carry, can be easily put into the car, you can take pictures anywhere you want.

This ring light is composed of a lamp holder, a ring, and an LED light. The light stand is made of aluminum, and the ring is made of a synthetic version. The hardest part is the LED light.

A 9-meter-long SMD-5630 LED light bar was cut by Mūrniek into several small strips 8 cm long, each containing 6 LDE lamps.

Each small piece is distributed in parallel on the ring, connected with wires. Although there are many LED lights, a 12V 20A, 240W power supply can make it glow.

The picture taken by the self-made ring light is great!

After the ring lights are self-made, what is the effect of taking pictures? Mūrniek took some pictures, let's take a look.

Disadvantages of homemade ring lights

The photos look good, but in Mūrniek's view, the homemade ring light has another disadvantage. If you don't use a gray card when taking pictures of people, the LED lights will cast strange colors in the lens.

Looking at the description is quite simple, but I believe it is very troublesome to do in practice. Not only the patience and hands-on ability of the producers are tested, but also the essential knowledge of chemistry and photography. In short, it is a huge project.

And Mūrniek, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is a manual demon. He even DIYed a badly damaged camera into a new one. Although he used mostly waste items, the imaging of the DIY camera is better than the previous imaging.

If you have poor hands-on skills, you can stop your ring light production project. Or honestly go to Amazon to buy a ring light, and then quickly take beautiful pictures!