God said, there must be light, so there is light. There is also day and night.

Since Edison invented the electric light, our world has become brighter. All kinds of lamps and lanterns also came into being, long, short, round, square, most, hanging ... countless.

These both light up our house and light up our lives. Those beautiful lamps make people put it down.

Molecular lamp

As the name implies, the shape of the molecular lamp is like the molecule seen in the chemistry book. The structure of the bracket and the number of lamp heads are relatively variable, and the style is simple. The color is also more diverse. There are 3 colors of the bracket, which are ancient brass, brushed brass, and old bronze. The color of the bulb is also divided into 3 types, transparent, light gray, and white.

No matter which color, there is a unique beauty. They hang quietly on the ceiling, like an industrial-style artwork, and have no contradiction to the decoration in the house. Anyone who sees it will make a sound of exclamation.

Feather lamp

Listening to the name, the feather lamp makes people imagine. Is it made of light feathers? Yes, it is not only made with feathers, but also with real feathers.

The designer dyed dark brown natural goose feathers in three colors: white, gray, and camel, and then slowly worked out each lamp by hand. There is no doubt that each one is unique.

Feathers are soft and light, and the light emitted is naturally soft. There is such a lamp in the house, not to mention how fairy it flutters. If the wind blows, the goose feather will gently shake with the wind. Very sensational.

FLOS ARCO Floor Lamp

FLOS Arco Floor Lamp, the first impression is a simple and unique curve, just like the curve thrown by a fishing rod when fishing, plus the base of white marble, the gas field can be said to be very powerful.

This lamp can be placed in any corner of the home, especially suitable for large spaces. If the space is relatively small, it should be noted that it appears at the same time as the chandelier, otherwise, it will be a bit cumbersome.

Pinecone lamp

The world's first pine cone lamp was hung at Langelinie Pavillonen restaurant in Copenhagen. The full lamp has 12 upper and lower layers, each with 6 metal blades. The position of each metal blade is accurately calculated to ensure that the light can be reflected and not dazzled.

In the improved version of the pine cone lamp, the blade material is replaced with sandblasted glass, which makes it more hazy and dreamy.

Ring light

The last thing to recommend for everyone in the ring light. As the name suggests, it is like a ring and can stand at home. The height of the ring light can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Its location is not fixed, you can get it to the living room, you can get it to the study, you can get it wherever you want it to go.

In addition to being a lighting tool, the biggest feature of the ring light is that it is used for taking pictures. It can emit even and soft light, making the face without shadows, and the photos taken are very textured.

It is also good for recording videos, makeup, and live broadcasting. If you often watch live broadcasting, you will find that there is a round light in the live broadcast room of the anchors, that is, the ring light is right.

In the above introduction, are there any of your favorite lamps?