I might have found this when I was taking a selfie. Beautiful makeup, but I found that it was not beautiful, especially eye makeup.

And the beauty makeup bloggers who usually pay attention to, the photos they upload on social platforms such as Instagram, the eye makeup is clear and clean, without any flaws.

How are they doing it?

1. Master skillful makeup techniques

When taking local photos like eye makeup, makeup skills are very important. Because many details will be enlarged and displayed, it will also magnify the defects of your makeup.

Pay attention to when applying makeup:

  • When drawing the eyeliner, fill the roots,
  • When applying mascara, be careful not to apply to the eyelids or the position of the eye lights,
  • When drawing the eyeliner, the end of the eye should not be too thick,
  • The corners of the eyes should be painted fine,
  • Eyebrow shape must be repaired

    A point that is often forgotten is to wear false eyelashes and contact lenses. When taking pictures, a large aperture is often used, which makes it easy to make the eyelashes and pupils look non-existent. Wearing false eyelashes and contact lenses can make your photos look more beautiful.

    2. Choose the shooting equipment

    The second point is the shooting equipment, preferably the camera. The photos taken with the camera are more realistic and vivid, and the color will be more.

    If not, a mobile phone with good performance is also possible, which requires that the pixels must be high, so that the photos taken will be bright.

    When you take a photo, remember to wipe the camera clean and focus on it, otherwise, it will be in vain. Because it is eye makeup, it is necessary to stay close to the eyes, and a triangular bracket for a fixed mobile phone is also needed.

    3.Shoot when the light is good

    The light is very important for taking pictures clearly and naturally. The most ideal light is natural light. When the sun comes out at noon, taking pictures on the balcony or by the window will have a particularly good effect. But remember to avoid direct sunlight, the light is very hard.

    Natural light is good, but there are many restrictions. It can only be taken when the weather is good, which is troublesome. It is best if we prepare a light, such as the well-sold QIAYA selfie ring light. Even at night, you can take photos that do not lose to the sunny sunshine during the day.

    Clip the self-portrait ring light on the mobile phone, and then fix the mobile phone on the triangle bracket, and just shoot it with your eyes. When shooting, remember to focus on it, otherwise, you will be in vain.

    It has 3 kinds of brightness that can be adjusted to meet the needs of many shooting scenes. Moreover, it can take a look, and there will be beautiful circles in your eyes, which is particularly charming.

    It can be said that with QIAYA's self-portrait ring light, you can also take pictures of eye makeup that are as beautiful as beauty bloggers. No matter day or night, you can take a selfie that will satisfy you. For you who want to become an online celebrity, you must get one.


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