So far, more than 5.8 million people worldwide have been infected with COVID-19. During the epidemic, countless people were forced to start working at home and gradually adapted to this working state.

This includes Americans. Many companies and factories have not yet confirmed the date of resumption of production. More and more people began to use ring lights to make themselves more energetic in video conferences.

Previously, ring lights have been the favorites of internet celebrities and influencers, such as YouTube video shooters, Instagram shooters, Amazon anchors ...

The ring light is so favored because of its advantages. The ring light can eliminate the shadows on people's faces, whether it is taking static photos or dynamic videos, it will show a surprising effect.

Ring lights make you better in a video conference

Since March, the use of video conferencing software has shown an upward trend. Compared with other office tools, the efficiency of video conferencing is higher, and it is more convenient to communicate with colleagues, which is conducive to the completion of work quickly and efficiently.
When you see your face darkened by the light in the video, you feel that your working mood will be affected. At this time, the ring light should be used!
It emits a gentle and even light, which can comprehensively illuminate your face, instead of illuminating at home, it can only illuminate parts of your face.

It can eliminate the shadows on people's faces, whether it is day or night, it can make you appear in front of your colleagues in the best way, and work with full energy.

It can tune out your favorite color, white light, warm light, warm yellow light, each color mode has 10 levels of brightness that can be adjusted.

Ring lights can add points to job seekers' online interviews

For those who are unemployed during the epidemic and are trying their best to find a job with a resume, it is even more necessary to have a ring light that can add a lot to your interview.

During the epidemic, many companies will conduct online interviews. The interviewer will talk to you about your advantages and your previous work experience.
If the lights in the home are dim, you in the video are likely to leave a bad influence on the interviewer. We all know that a generous and clean image, decent conversation, no one will dislike.

Ring lights allow people to better share life on social media

People who work at home came into contact with the ring light for the first time during the epidemic and became very interested in it. In addition to being able to contribute to the work, you can also take photos and videos, upload your own home or interesting events to social media, and share them with more people.

The ring light can provide the function of a professional photo studio, and in addition to the cost of the ring light, we do not need to pay for other expenses.

Most ring lights are equipped with a triangular bracket to adjust the height. You can also put a mobile phone on the stand, and there is no problem with taking selfies or live broadcasts. No help from others is needed. The price/performance ratio can be said to be very high.

During the epidemic, the sales volume of QIAYA's ring lights doubled, the good-looking appearance, reliable quality, and timely logistics information were praised by many customers. If you want to buy a ring light, I recommend QIAYA.
It is not known when work and life will be fully restored to their original condition. All we have to do is to continue to work hard and continue to love life.