Are you one of the many photographers trapped at home due to the epidemic?
By the way, that gives you the chance to edit old photos to make them look different. Maybe you've thought about shooting at home, but you don't know how to start. If so, I'd like to give you some tips.

1. Finding Something Beautiful in Everyday Items

For the photography at home, the most interesting things I think are shoes, candy, rubber ducks, records and even cleaning gear. Using these things as the subject of the photography also produces amazing and wonderful effect.
Look for any object you find interesting. Whether it's a limited-edition action figure, your grandmother's teapot or a toothbrush, you should shoot them like a priceless diamond.
- Focus on those attracts you.
-Use the best lighting you can find: daylight or artificial light. Many of my previous shots have used some flexible desk lamps. In addition, you can also buy some affordable and practical ring lights.
-Create a good, clean background for your subject. It can be anything like sheets, carpets, walls, floors, tables or wrapping paper as you like.
-Make sure to get rid of all distracting objects in the photography scene.
Clothes are your best friends when shooting indoors. They can be used as a background. As you can see in this photo, I put my T-shirt as the background:


If you can't go out and don't have a garden or balcony, you can still create the photos feature the exterior look by simply including the sky into the photo through the window. That's what I'm doing here:

3. Be your own model

If you live with other people or pets, then you have great photography subjects. But if you're alone or your partner doesn't want to show up, you can take pictures of yourself, as I did with this photo:

4. Making your photography to a new level

You can build a complete world of stories at the dinner table. You can create chaos and take a simple or abstract style. The possibilities are endless. If you end up enjoying taking pictures indoors and spending some money, my advice is to buy a ring light. With just one switch, it can provide the lighting you need. You can start shooting whenever and wherever.

5. Setting the theme for your photography

If you have too many ideas, you can set a specific theme for your photography such as: close-ups, low ISO, color challenges, opposition, lighting effects, food, angles, shapes, numbers, singulars, perspective, black and white, upside down, fake or real, free, powerful compositions and so on.

6. Getting lighting equipment

The biggest problem many people encounter when shooting indoors is about lighting. Generally speaking, shooting is certainly better if using natural light.
But natural light for shooting is not always available, and it is difficult to find an ideal place with natural light for shooting indoors. So you need some lighting to help you. Here are two shooting lights, hoping they will be helpful to you.

Big things come in small packages, and good selfies come in great lighting. If you’re unlikely to be carrying around a professional lighting rig on your travels.
The Qiaya Selfie Ring Light is a good choice and it provides high-brightness that is natural. With 3 different brightness levels, you can easily get the light level and the perfect result you want with tweaking the dimmer switch. There is a built-in rechargeable battery and you don’t have to swap out batteries regularly either.

The Qiaya Ring Light Kit with tripod stand is also one of the best-selling and cheapest lighting kits you must get. This product comes with everything you need to get started right away, allowing you to transform your regular photographs into professional ones. With the color temperature of 3500-6000k, the brightness of each color mode can be easily adjusted in 10 levels via the remote controller. Removing the big ring light, it can easily become a selfie stick that can be held on your hands to help you find the best angle.

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