If working from home has taught us one thing, it’s that proper lighting on video conference calls is a tricky business. You don’t want to be too backlit and show up looking like the dark figure from everyone’s sleep paralysis scares, but you also don’t want to go direct-reading-light-to-the-face and look totally washed out.
Since it’s looking like we all might be working from our kitchen tables a bit longer than expected, it’s worthwhile to invest in some gadgets that will help make the whole process easier. If you’ve got an important presentation to make over the next few weeks or want to look stellar on that 1-1 with your boss, we recommend a ring light for your virtual meeting lighting needs.

Ring lights are the lighting trick used by influencers, YouTubers, Twitch streamers and other digital professionals. These lights are the reason they look so warm, even-toned and presentable in all of their videos.

This Selfie Ring Light frome QIAYA is a dimmable light that features three different tones including warm, cool and daylight. Each mode has 11 different brightness levels for you to choose between, giving you a whopping 33 different settings for your next call. It’s an affordable and top-rated ring light that will instantly upgrade your audio-visual game.
The tripod is weighted at the bottom for stability and extends to 114cm. It’s made of high-quality aluminum and designed to lock into place and not slide or tip over with time.

It comes with a phone holder or adjuster if you’d like to dial into the call with your smartphone and is powered via a USB port.

It’s also very easy to use. With only four buttons you can power this top-rated ring light on/off, switch the lighting mode and adjust those brightness levels.
Consider it an investment in your professional persona for the foreseeable future. Trust us, soon enough your colleagues will be asking why you look so luminous during the Wednesday check-ins.

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