When take the portrait photography, people often use much lighting equipment: soft boxes, soft hoods, soft umbrellas. And you also have to know how to arrange the lighting for your great photography. This article would introduce 5 tips about how to arrange the lighting on portrait photography, hoping to help you.

1. 45-degree angle

For many photographers, this is the preferred lighting location and is a great fit for new learner. Place the soft box on the right or left side of the model and shine down at a 45-degree inclination, providing a good highlight/shadow ratio that gives the image sufficient contrast. This lighting is also called "Rembrandt lighting" which creates a triangular shadow on the face, making the pentagon more three-dimensional.

2. 70-degree angle

Place the soft box over the model's oblique and shine down at a 70-degree inclination, which creates an approximate top light effect that creates shadows on the model's cheeks, making model look thinner and can also be used to create a moody atmosphere. You may need to use a hive cover to control the direction of light and concentrate the light to the model's face, or you can let the model move forward, farther away from the background, to prevent the light from "running" to the background, to ensure that the background is dark enough.

3. Abeam direction

You can also place the softbox on the abeam direction of the model as the main light source. You can ask the model to slightly turn her body to one side of the light source by changing the angle to get a different light and shadow effect. To prevent the side face from becoming completely blackened, you can re-lighting the opposite side with a reflective plate.

4. Backlight

Place the soft box behind the model so that you can achieve the silhouette of the model and highlight the contours. It is important to pay attention to the posture. You can also use the long hair. The light through the long hair creates the beautiful rim light.

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