Many young girls who have just tried makeup may have this experience: they drew a makeup that they think is good at home, and when they go out, they are spit out by friends: Why is your foundation so white? Is the blush too red? And the makeup is too thick ...
But when I was at home, looking in the mirror, it was perfect and I couldn't find any flaws. Why?

Light is an important cause of makeup failure

The reason lies in the light, indoor light is different from outdoor light. The light at home is generally dominated by a combination of fluorescent lamps and yellow light bulbs, while the outdoor sunny light has 7 colors in the spectrum, which is the most appropriate and balanced light.
Light affects color, which affects people's makeup.

For example, when using liquid foundation, if it is carried out under yellow light, the upper face will feel very normal. But when others see your makeup in the sun, it will be very white.
For yellow skin, the blue fluorescent lamp is very unfavorable. This cold light is not bright enough, similar to the light in the early morning or winter evening. To develop color in the deviated light during makeup, a very thick makeup is often drawn.

The second is that the angle of illumination is different. At home, makeup is done in front of the lamp or the bathroom, in front of the mirror. The light source is from the top of the side, and it is easy to produce shadows on the face, while the natural light is from all directions, resulting in fewer shadows.
To give a few examples, suppose you are applying makeup directly under the roof lights, then the facial shadow you see is like this:

If you have makeup in backlight, then your entire face is in shadow.

If you apply makeup on the left or right side of the light source, half of your face is shaded and half is unshaded.

The ring light can make you get better light

These three situations are not suitable for makeup. It is best to choose a place where the light is more natural, such as a window where sunlight is coming in. The uniform light on the front will not form obvious shadows on the face, which can help us better judge the degree of makeup.
But natural light is unstable, and most of the time we rarely make up against natural light. At this time, we need some LED lights to replace natural light.

For example, the ring lights of QIAYA, the bulbs are composed of LED bulbs, which can emit soft and even light, can eliminate the shadow of the face, and expose your face to the light as close to natural light as possible, so that it can become more realistic Makeup.

There are many models of QIAYA ring lights, 6 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, and 18 inches. You can choose according to your actual situation.
Ring lights over 6 inches, suitable for indoor use. By twisting the switch, you can adjust its height and angle, which can be said to be very convenient.

Besides, QIAYA also has selfie ring lights. This is more convenient to carry and is not heavy, It's only as heavy as an egg, so it fits in your bag and you can make up anytime,

When you need to makeup, you can take it out and clip it on the makeup mirror, apply lipstick, draw Eyeliner, blush ...
The beauty is to be maintained at all times.

Whether you are a beauty blogger or a makeup artist on weekdays, having a ring light is a good choice. Proper lighting will make your makeup technique closer to the stars.