Now many photographers want to learn about and master the studio photography skill. Sometimes because we don't have any experience we feel that studio is so mysterious and daunting. In order to help you make better use of the studio and take a satisfactory photo, this issue will introduce a special description of the common studio flash accessories and some using tips.

The flash in the studio possesses higher output power but is less portable, which is a must-have equipment for portrait photography in the studio. The flash often features the complicated professional lighting system, which can be used with soft light boxes, umbrella reflector, honeycomb and other accessaries to create a variety of lighting effects, allowing you to control the lighting freely and easily during shooting, but the process and techniques are more complex. If you want to make a "great picture" like a magazine cover, you must know them well.

1. Standard Reflector

Standard reflector is the basic accessory for the flash, inside which is a silver reflective coating. You can also take the proper caliber according to your needs. The Standard reflector is at a 55-degree angle and can create the strong hard light which cast the strong contrast between light and shadow onto the subject.

2. Light Panel

The light panel is a device mounted on a reflector, a combination of four metal plates. You can and control the lighting range and shape by adjusting the opening and closing angel of the panels.


Honeycomb is a device with black texture that can shield the light. It is similar to the bee's nest and usually mounted on a reflector. The texture of the honeycombs limits the lighting range, making the light directional and creating the rich and clear gradient effect of the shading value. You can also use a filter to change the color of the light.

4. Soft Box 

Soft box is the main equipment to create soft light. Soft box features varying sizes and the common soft boxes include rectangular soft box and octagonal soft box, is an essential accessory for studio shooting. The soft box can create the comfortable light and is one of the accessories commonly used in artificial lighting. One of the advice on soft light boxes is to choose the soft light box as large as possible. Recently, large soft boxes have become more and more popular because the larger soft box features the better lighting effect.

5. Snoot

The snoot is used to concentrate the light in a small range. It can also be used with honeycombs to create the varying soft light and further narrow the lighting range to achieve the desired light effect.

6. Umbrella Reflector

Light reflected on umbrella reflector can be much softer than the direct light. The umbrella reflector can be gold, silver and white, which could reflect the light softer than the direct light.

7. Reflector

The rectangular black and white plates that can be fixed to shelves are called "reflectors". Reflectors help you to create precise lighting. The black reflector is used to absorb the light and the white reflector is used to soften the light. In addition, there is also a kind foam plate for creating soft reflective light, which can be covered with a black velvet cloth to absorb the light.

There are many other studio accessories. Here, the last reminder given is: you'd better to wear black, white, gray clothes in the studio otherwise it may lead to color pollution (if you wear colourful clothes, which may affect the photography tone of the subject).