Ring light is a kind of light with a ring of light pipe, which has less power and even brightness, and is very suitable for macroshot. When shooting macro, the lens has to be very close to the subject. If you use flash light, it will produce the hard shadow and the exposure is not easy to control then a mini ring light would be helpful for your macroshot.

The light of the ring light is ring-shaped, not like the flash light only illuminating from above or on one side. Therefore, the ring light effectively eliminates the shadows when photography.

Ring lights are also commonly used in macro photography for flowers.
Here are also some suggestion for you if you also like the macro photography.

Step 1: Don't be ashamed of the camera in your hand!

You may have a question:do I need a particularly expensive, professional filming equipment to shoot macros? I'll tell you now, no! You can take very good pictures with your existing camera equipment. A camera with lens can be replaced featuring 0.20-0.25 x magnification, that's enough!

In fact, now most of the shooting lens including mobile phone cameras have a good near-focus distance! As you accumulate enough shooting experience, then you can buy an affordable macro lens.

Step 2: Start practicing with the flowers around you!

Macro photography has a wide variety of objects, and it is easier to get started from taking flowers as subjects. Normally, you and take the macro photography outdoors, where the light is generally plentiful, and you'll be more likely to take brighter pictures of flowers. After gaining some filming experience, you can buy some fresh flowers from the flower market to shoot. So you can shoot whenever you want and do not limited by the season and weather.

So there's another question, what kind of flowers are better for you to start your micro photography? In fact, you can choose some larger and more colorful flowers such as roses, tulips. Relatively speaking, taking photos of the larger flowers are more easier.

Step 3: Find the best lighting conditions!


Photography is the art of light. Macro photography also has very high requirements for light. Good light conditions add a lot to the final photo. If you are a beginner for flower photography, you can make more use of cloudy weather or soft-light environments thus making the flower photography easier. After that, you can challenge the sunny environment to shoot macros. However the day light may be harder on sunny days can be hard and prime-time shooting in the morning or evening is a great choice.

And if you choose to shoot flowers indoors, cloudy or sunny days are the prime-time for photography. You can place flowers close to the window because the light in the window position will be more abundant.

While, sometimes light is difficult to control, and it can be cumbersome to constantly adjust the shooting location to find the right light. At this point you can buy some ring lights.


This kind of mini ring light is suitable for shooting smaller flowers.
  • Rechargeable USB cable with built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Three levels of brightness adjustable suitable for different lighting conditions. 
  • Small clip is easy to use and for fixing the ring light, which set free your hands.

QIAYA RING LIGHT with Phone Holder and tripod stand

It is suitable for shooting larger flowers.
  1. Three colour temperature -- cool white, warm white, warm yellow; each with ten brightness adjustable.
  2. Four levels of height adjustable.
  3. With flexible ring light, it is 360 ° rotatable, providing you with the perfect location you need.

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