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Last time, we compiled some real reviews of users. The protagonist is Q3. This time the real review is Q4. Friends who want to buy Q4 will take a look!

3 brightness settings, great for taking pictures


the light works amazing I was in a pitch-black room and it instantly lit up my face do not regret buying this !!

@Garrett O. Thomas

This was taken at the lowest light setting—it’s unbelievable! Strong, snug, and lightweight. It polished up any low light filmography/photography.

@Caitlin Sowders

I will be having to buy these for all of my friends! This little clip-on selfie light is so easy to use and helps for super flattering pictures! There are 3 brightness settings to help get the perfect light level in any environment. I really like this light to highlight my makeup for my pictures. It's a must-have for beauty bloggers but is at a price point that is perfect for any person to take that perfect photo. I have an iPhone 6 and it clips on my phone great even over my bulky otterbox so I think the light would work for just about any device! I definitely recommend this little secret weapon.

@Steph B

Works great, 4 brightness settings. Gifted to my bf who's obsessed with IG. He can use it for photos, not just selfies, and videos. And even uses it as a light for when we play darts in the garage. Clips really well.

@ NataliaVictoria

Very easy to use, good light. 3 different light options, which is very nice. From not so bright, to very bright. It clips on easily and stays in place. Would definitely recommend. It's a white light and it makes selfies look great regardless of the time of day :)

@Alpha K.

I did a lot of research because I'm extremely indecisive, before buying this selfie ring light! I wanted the best one I could get for the most affordable price. I read tons of reviews, watched YouTube reviews, etc... Finally, decided on this one and it has not disappointed! I've been using it everyday for a little over a week and it's great! It will completely change your selfie game if you have a phone or tablet with a less than great camera, are in dim lighting a lot, no front flash, etc... The 3 lighting options are great, of course I use the brightest one the most! But the dim one is good for total darkness spotlight photos. I also love that i can use this to freshen up my makeup while out in public.. go into any bathroom attach it to my compact mirror and bam!! Perfect makeup lighting so you don't be looking crazy! As long as it holds up well I think this is one of the best little things I've bought on Amazon! Love it!

In addition to taking pictures, it has other uses:

@Carolanne King

I absolutely love this product!! I use it almost everyday. It's not only great for your phone but it's also perfect for your makeup vanity when you need the extra light. I use it when I get ready in the mornings before the sun comes up. Highly recommend!

@Erin Gullekson

Like many teachers around the world, I currently find myself teaching from home. There was only one spot in my house the I could zoom or record videos for students because of lighting issues. It wasn't a comfy spot, so I decided to order this ring light to give me more options. I love it! It's a great, inexpensive little light that attaches itself to my laptop and Chromebook. LOVE this easy, effective tool!


Much brighter than I anticipated and so much better than expected. I use it to clip on my hand mirror to do my makeup. Best lighting for makeup blending! Three settings of brightness and very light. I love it so much!


I've wanted a selfie light for a long time, so I caved and bought this one. I'm a hairdresser and the lighting at most salons are not good and taking pictures of my work that shows true to real life is imperative. I was shocked at how bright this light gets. It seriously works. It clips to my iPhone 7 easily and it doesn't obstruct the view of the camera lens. I'd recommend this product for those that need to take well-lit pictures for work, or for every day use.

@Hannah Hickman

I'm a lash artist and hairstylist. This light is perfect for taking portfolio pics. Especially for face pics. Love it.

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