According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University, up to now, there have been more than 7.08 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the world and more than 405,000 deaths.

In response to the epidemic, "American Idol" recorded at home

The prevalence of new coronary pneumonia has changed the lifestyles of many people. Going to work becomes the home office, and the office meeting becomes Zoom. Students are online at home and communicate with teachers through the Internet. From sports and politics to fashion and entertainment, many social activities are postponed without stopping.

The popular variety show "American Idol" was also forced to adopt the "cloud recording" method. That is not recording in the studio, but recording at home. The host interacted with the players and judges at home to present an unparalleled talent competition for the audience.

Even the championship battle is conducted online. The two champion candidates are in their respective homes, waiting for the host to announce the final result. The players probably did not expect to become the champion of this season's "American Idol" in this way.

In order to make the recording of the program better, the producer of "American Idol" also sent some home recording equipment to the contestants, including a mobile phone, a tripod, and a ring light.

In this way, even at home, the players can be presented to the audience in good condition. For singers, good lighting and a suitable background can express the emotion of the song to the audience and make everyone feel immersive.

It must be said that this initiative was very successful.

Ring lights become the biggest beneficiary of the epidemic

Although the combination of mobile phones and ring lights will not completely replace mainstream photography equipment, it represents a huge change, I believe this is also a trend in the future. It will be accepted by more and more people and used in work and life.

According to a CNBC survey, the ring light has been one of the most popular products on Amazon’s “mobile phones and accessories” recently, and it once ranked fourth. Previously, the ring light was very popular with photographers and social media professionals. It can emit soft and uniform light and minimize shadows, making the photos or videos taken more beautiful.

Because of the epidemic, ring lights are becoming more and more popular, becoming a new way for people to entertain at home. There are posts on Twitter where people buy ring lights. On INS, many people even use it as a photo tool. Even more, users call the ring lights their girlfriends.

The price of the ring light on Amazon does not exceed 100 US dollars, and how to choose the ring light that suits you from the total number of products will take some time.

Whether to support wireless remote control, not many LED lights, whether it is monochrome temperature or dual color temperature, whether the heat dissipation is good or bad, whether the compatibility is strong or not, whether the brand is trustworthy... These factors need to be considered when buying.

QIAYA's ring light can meet everyone's requirements. It can adjust three color temperatures, white light, warm light, and warm yellow light. Each color mode can be adjusted to 10 levels, which meets the needs of everyone to take pictures or videos.

compatibility is strong or not, whether the brand is trustworthy... These factors need to be considered when buying.

In addition, ring lights can also be used for makeup, beauty, eyebrows, and nail art. As if there is a ring light, it has the world.

The epidemic will eventually pass and life will return to its original state. Before that, let us cheer for a better life!