City street scenes or creative illustrations? You might think these two things are completely different and unrelated, but artist Eliška Podzimková exerts her imagination and great creativity to combine the two perfectly with her camera and brush to create interesting creative works.

“I like to create from everything around me by remodeling them and try to relate them together. One side of me is a kid likes to play, the other side is an adult who makes a living with this childlike innocence. "-- Eliška Podzimková

In an era when images are rife and social media is an important part of people's lives, "individuality" is becoming an important label for artists. It drives most of the photographers to shift the focus of their creation from recording objective world to the displaying individual style. Photography is no longer just pressing the shutter and many artists also use digital post-technology to copy, modify, combine, processing images.

Animator, illustrator, digital artist -- that's how 27-year-old Eliška Podzimková describes herself on her website. Podzimková is a creative and talented illustrator who combines photography with hand drawing to transform the real world into witty, emotive cartoon images. Even her own personal image, is different from those of other photographers, but into her own unrestrained ideas.

At the age of 19, Eliška Podzimková was admitted to New York Film Academy and the fast-paced urban life of New York gave her a lot of novelty and joy compared to the romantic Prague. Eliška Podzimková graduated from New York Film Academy in 2012 and left New York to the Czech Republic but she always miss the life in New York. She started looking for photos of New York and processed to connect herself with New York. Thus, she made her first attempt, "Animate NY."

"Animate NY" is Eliška Podzimková's first and most important photography project. In May 2013, she set up an Instagram account called "Animate NY" to post her own works that combine live-action and hand-drawn illustrations. With her wonderful hands and imagination, the normal street scenes have interesting and creative art works.

Podzimková usually chose to paint by hands while sometimes she also print out pictures and draw directly on paper. Soon, with her unrestrained thinking and excellent creativity, as well as wonderful post-designl, Podzimková won a large number of netizens love. After gaining some popularity online, Podzimková has also received many business cooperation, examples include designing LOGOs for merchandise, illustrating Vogue magazine, animating advertising for renowned British chef Jamie Oliver. She also started long-term collaborations with many brands on clothing, sports and car. And she's back in New York and started her work at New York Film Academy.

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