On the road of taking pictures of "naturally white", everyone, especially girls, is full of tricks, the only purpose is to be white, but also to be natural and beautiful.

What methods have they tried to make the photos white and beautiful?

How to take pictures that look white and beautiful

The first method is to do makeup work before taking pictures. Make-up should pursue white, try your best to apply liquid foundation to your face. The result is often satisfactory, with a pale face.

The second measure: try to choose light-colored clothes when taking pictures, preferably white. why? Because wearing white is equivalent to wearing a whiteboard on your body, your face will be whiter than usual.

However, it is impossible to wear white clothes for all scenes, and some scenes need to wear red or black clothes to take different photo styles.

If you don't like to wear light-colored clothes, you can also try A4 paper. Put the white A4 paper under the neck when taking selfies, the face will be instantly brightened.

The problem is coming, the area and scattered light effect of A4 paper are far less than the real reflector, and the face should be close enough. That is to say, in addition to taking a large photo, in other cases, you use A4 paper and will wear it when taking pictures.

There is a third measure, which is to use the flashlight that comes with your phone as a fill light so that your face is bright enough even in the dark. But its first shortcoming is that the light is too hard and the photos taken are a bit scary.

The second disadvantage is that you need to have two mobile phones, one for lighting and one for a selfie. If you have a good balance, you can do it at the same time. On the contrary, you need someone to help you with one of the mobile phones. Not to mention trouble, the key is a waste of money. To take a selfie, you have to buy an extra phone. Does anyone want to try it?

The light is used well, the photos are beautiful

Going back to the roots, photography is an art that uses light. Regardless of the mobile phone or camera, rely on the original light to capture the light to generate the picture.

Good light is very important to capture the details of the picture. So if you want to take a white and natural face, you need to look for the light. Especially in the case of low light or dark light, supplementary light is more needed, so that the face in the lens will not be very dark.

Under normal circumstances, if the self-timer is like a photoshoot of a celebrity, there are staff who hold an oversized reflector.

Qiaya ring light, self-timer artifact

In this case, the presence of a selfie light is very necessary.

Qiaya's selfie light is very small, the size is 3.3 x 1.1 x 3.3 inches, the weight does not exceed 2 ounces, not yet an egg. Clipped on the phone, very stable. Even if you take a selfie with your phone for a long time, you won't feel tired.

The selfie light is clamped on the phone, which is very stable. Because it has a silicone non-slip protective pad where it contacts the mobile phone, it can prevent it from falling off and will not scratch the mobile phone. Everyone can rest assured.

It is also very simple to use, just clip it on the phone and press the switch. It has three different color temperature modes to choose from, white light, warm light, and warm yellow light. You can choose the non-stop color temperature mode according to different scenes.

In terms of brightness, there are 3 levels of brightness that can be set. You don't have to worry about the face being too bright or too dark, which is also very intimate.

The most important thing is that the photos of people taken with the Qiaya selfie light can retain the details of the skin and facial features to the greatest extent, even if it is later retouching, it will not be impossible to start. The background behind the characters, such as walls, glass, and other details, will also be preserved to the greatest extent.

The use of that Mito software when taking pictures will force your face to be forcibly brightened, the background behind will be completely white, and the face will have a plastic feeling, which is unnatural.

In short, using Qiaya's selfie light, you will fall in love with taking pictures!