When we browse on Instagram and YouTube, we can always see some good-looking photos, "Wow, it's great!”
Why can't we take such pictures? Because we do n’t have expensive SLR cameras? If you think so, you are wrong.
The reason these bloggers take good photos is that they mostly use ring lights.



With the ring light, the photos taken are like big movies!


The ring light, as the name suggests, is a ring light with a blank in the middle. It was originally used in the medical industry, and its use was gradually developed later. Now the ring light has become a kind of photographic equipment, which is more used in the daily shooting and is favored by photographers and bloggers.
Compared with the general fill light, the light surface of the ring light is relatively large, the light is not hard, and it is very soft. The photos taken with it are evenly exposed and have few shadows, especially at night, it will not make your photos black, and the main part to be expressed is bright and visible at a glance.



Other uses of ring lights


In addition to being used as a light source for photography, ring lights are also widely used.
It can be used for lighting, illuminating dark places brightly. Beauty bloggers will use it for makeup and make-up in the live broadcast room.


It can be used as a shooting prop to help you take creative pictures and put them on Instagram, many of which give you a "like". It depends on whose brain is bigger.
Putting your hand inside the ring light, a bit of a horror movie, is there wood?
Put your face in the ring light, beautifully!
Put the ring light behind the face of the person, like an angel.



How to use ring lights?


Most of them are equipped with brackets, the height can be adjusted at will, standing on the ground, steady.The ring light can be rotated to any angle you want, so that your face can be perfectly presented in front of the camera.

No matter what kind of ring light, there is no need to worry about slipping the mobile phone. The part where the ring light contacts the mobile phone has silicone, which can protect the mobile phone well.
If you are a photography enthusiast, if you are a celebrity who needs to live broadcast, if you just want to record the bits and pieces of your life, you may wish to buy yourself a ring light. I promise you will love it!