How Light Affects Your Selfies?

Yep, Lighting Can Totally Change the Way Your Selfie Looks.

How many photos have you taken on your smartphone this week?

The ubiquity of the camera phone and the popularity of photo apps mean that we're all amateur photographers these  days.

you can fill the light on the phone, and you can take a selfie with your boyfriend. The effect is super good!


It's fun to experiment with your exposure function, or play with composition and styling, but the real key to snapping a nice pic is LIGHTING.

It is not always you are provided with natural lighting which makes your face glow.

Sometimes, the sun is too bright and sometimes the weather is too cloudy.

These situations, more often than not, ruin what could have been the selfie of the century.



With this Selfie Ring Light, you will be able to take great selfies in dark areas or whenever natural light is not available!



The light gives soft illumination without harsh light. It's like having a professional studio photographer whenever you feel the sudden urge to selfie.

It is Rechargeable with 3 Brightness Levels and 36 Long Lasting LEDs.

Just Press the power button, you will be able to switch to another lighting level. 36 LED bulbs will be able to provide enough lighting for you to take great selfies.



Using the flash that comes with cell phones is a big big no no. This is why you need this selfie ring light! Just clip it on your phone and you are on your way.


More Information About This Selfie Ring Light:


LED Quantity: 36 PCS

Weight: 1.5oz/42g

Color: white

Lithium Battery: 250mAH - 3.7V

Max Output: 3W

Charging Voltage: DC 5V

Color render index: ≥95%

Color temperature: 5600k



No more worry about finding the perfect lighting.



Help you make videos at night or in dark areas.



Use it with rear camera to have high fidelity photos.



Use this for live videos with makeup tutorials where lighting is very important.



Take with it anywhere without any bulk to record every happy moment in your life.



What's In the Box: 1*Selfie Ring Light, 1*Charging Cable, 1*User Manual.