Recently, there was a group of photos on Instagram. This set of photos is very attentive. The background is mostly a retro frame. A young lady wearing a lens, wearing ancient or modern clothes, poses in various poses in front of the frame. The photos taken are as textured as oil paintings. The girl in the lens, like a fairy in the picture, is very beautiful.


This imitation is the world-famous painting "The Girl Wearing Pearl Earrings", which is the work of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. It's kind of fascinating.


The theme of this photo is a lotus, on the left is the lotus, on the right is a young lady dressed in a very Chinese style, and she also holds a lotus in hand.

Two Chinese paintings, a chair, a frame with a strong retro atmosphere, and a girl dressed in white, make people think.


These photos were taken by Victoria Chang. The person who appeared in the photo is also Victoria Chang himself. She is a Chinese-American and now works as a VR programmer.
At the age of 3, she followed her mother to the United States, but she has always been interested in Chinese culture. Some of the old objects in the photos were collected by her when she managed to return to China through her mother or grandfather.


Such photos appeared on Instagram, which made people shine. it is not difficult to take such oil-painted photos.
First of all, find a good camera angle. In real life, no one can withstand the test of high-definition lenses. The longer the focal length, the longer the face and the smaller the facial features. Even some celebrities are often photographed as "ugly photos", let alone ordinary people like us.


Under the high-definition lens, we urgently need to find our best angle. Some people have a side face rather than a face mirror, while others have a left face that looks better than the right face. If you look closely, you can see that Victoria Chang's photos show much more side faces because she has more mirrors on her side faces.

Secondly, the matching of set, clothing, and makeup is very important. In Victoria Chang's photo, the setting is the key. Frames of different shapes, long cloths of various patterns, supplemented by flowers, the scene is full of sense. And she is like a person in the picture and has a good interaction with the frame.



In this setting, Victoria Chang's clothes are very carefully matched. In color, they are mainly monochromatic, such as pure white, pure blue, and black, which has a high-level feeling, which also echoes the setting.

Her makeup is not heavy makeup, after all, in such a scene, everyone's attention will be attracted by its temperament. Victoria Chang did it.


Finally, it is often ignored by everyone. The light in Victoria Chang's photos you see is all warm-toned light, like natural light in the afternoon, sunset light in the evening and dim candlelight. This kind of light and carefully created scenes make her temperament undoubtedly revealed.


If you want to take cool photos, you can try the ring light. This is a portable artifact that can be adjusted to 3 color modes-white light, warm light, warm yellow light. The brightness in each mode can be adjusted from level 1 to level 10 through the remote control.

The ring light can produce a uniform and soft ring light, which is the most suitable for taking pictures of people. It can make your eyes brighter and brighter, and there is no shadow yet. It has become a favorite of many internet celebrities and bloggers.


Unexpectedly, the photos of Victoria Chang are hardly filtered. The camera angle, beautiful clothes, comfortable makeup, and wonderful lighting make each photo unique, and filters are unnecessary.

Photography is not photography, but the expression of people's emotions. Good photos can help people express their emotions better. The people who take beautiful photos are themselves lovers of life.
Photo by ins@victoriamisu