To say that you are most satisfied with the photos, it must be on Instagram. To say the ugliest picture of yourself, it must be a photo of various IDs, such as ID card, passport, graduation photo, which can hardly be seen directly. He also secretly told himself that it was the photographer ’s problem, and the beauty that God had given him never allowed him to lose confidence.

If, when taking this kind of ID photo, the lights on the scene can be slightly softer, then the ID photo taken may have a different fate. Dare to upload such a movie to Instagram, and won the praise of many people.

This is not the case, as long as you are a social expert and you are shooting a reality show that is related to you all over the United States, so congratulations, you can take a beautiful photo Too.

This socialist is Khloe Kardashian, and this popular reality show in the United States is "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."


Khloe Kardashian retakes photos on driver's license with ring lights

In an earlier episode, there was a story about Khloe going to the California Vehicle Administration to apply for a new driver's license and change the photos on the driver's license.

After Khloe married Odom, she needed to change her family name from "Odom" to "Kardashian", so she must go to the California Vehicle Administration.

For the relationship between the celebrity halo and the show crew, Khloe and his team went to the vehicle management team, including lighting instructor Landon Hosto and a friend Malika Haqq.

Malika Haqq took care of Khloe's makeup at the scene, and Landon Hosto took out a giant ring light

Fill Khloe with light, and then take pictures of her with the camera.

The advantage of the ring light is that it can emit soft and even light, and can effectively remove the shadow on the human face so that there is no obvious black and white boundary line on the face. The light is not hard, which makes the skin show a better state. There are almost no obvious skin defects such as the oily face.

And the ring light can create a unique ring-shaped look, that is, there will be a ring-shaped circle around the human eye, which will make the eyes more shining and more beautiful.

With the blessing of the ring lights, Khloe's photos are still very good. Watch the movie!

To celebrate the success of his driving license name change, Khloe also specially celebrated with a cake. The cake is made into a driver's license, with her picture and her surname, and it reads "Happy Rename"!

Although no one can bring a ring light to take ID photos like Khloe, we can still use a ring light in the usual shooting, and go further and further on the road to make your photos beautiful!