A friend asked us that he planned to buy a ring light, but he could not tell the difference between a ring light and a ring flash.

Today's guide will tell you the difference between ring lights and ring flashes.

What is a ring light

The ring light is a ring light. The ring light it emits can eliminate shadows. Otherwise, these shadows fall on the object being photographed, and the photos taken are not beautiful. The ring light is very versatile and can be used for both mobile phone photography and camera photography.

It can be used not only for static photos but also for dynamic video shooting, wedding shooting, Instagram photo shooting, YouTube video shooting, makeup, and beauty ... The ring lights can be seen anywhere in life.

The ring light was born to allow dentists to photograph patients' teeth more clearly. At that time, the ring lights were composed of fluorescent tubes, and to this day, fluorescent rods have long been replaced by LED lights. In this way, both the energy consumption of the ring light and the service life will be longer.

What is a ring flash

The ring flash, which is installed in front of the camera lens, is ring-shaped. The ring flash is also a type of ring light. Generally, SLR cameras can be equipped with a ring flash. The effect has nothing to do with the camera model.

Compared with the ring light, the use range of the ring flash is not so wide, and it is often used for macro shooting and portrait shooting.

Take macro photography as an example. When you put the camera lens close to the object for shooting, the original coaxial light source becomes the upper light source, and the lens shadow will appear in the photo.

When you use a ring flash, the ring flash will also be exposed synchronously when the camera is exposed, forming the main light source of the image, and illuminating the subject from all directions to form a uniform lighting effect.

When shooting portraits with a ring flash, you can add a very special look to the model's eyes, making the photos very colorful. The closer to the model, the more detailed the model's details will be reflected.

What is the best ring light?

If you are not a very professional photographer and do not use macro shooting, a ring light is enough and can handle 80% of the shooting scenes.

For example, QIAYA's ring lights are available in sizes of 6 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, and 18 inches.

The box includes a ring light, a height-adjustable light stand, a 360-degree rotating mobile phone stand, and remote control.

The ring light has 3 color modes to choose from, white, warm light, and neutral light. Each color mode can adjust the brightness to 10 levels, which can adapt to the needs of different shooting scenes.

Although it takes a lot of money to buy a ring light, it is worth it in the long run. It can improve the quality of your photos and videos, earn you more attention, and make your customers happy.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you need a QIAYA ring light.