Following the article from the previous few days, today I will tell you the relationship between color temperature and white balance.

What is white balance?

The human eye can recognize the true color of an object. For example, no matter under any light, the naked eye can recognize that the white paper is white. But the camera is not so smart, you put a blank piece of paper under dim light, silly it will think it is light yellow.

To help the camera better restore the original color of the object, white balance is needed at this time. White is restored to white, then other objects are their colors.

4 ways to adjust the white balance

There are four types of white balances that come with the camera, automatic white balance, color temperature adjustment, color temperature scene mode, and custom white balance.

1. Automatic white balance

Automatic white balance is AWB in most camera settings, that is to say, the camera can automatically set the color temperature according to the current scene, without worrying about us. Automatic white balance is suitable for most scenes. In complex situations, the accuracy of AWB will be reduced.

2. Adjust the color temperature value

Adjusting the color temperature value is a completely manual adjustment. As we have said before, the higher the color temperature, the bluer the cooler the hue. The lower the color temperature, the yellower, the warmer the color.

It should be noted here that we enter the color temperature value in the camera, not the actual desired value, but to tell the camera the color temperature value of the actual environment now, so that it will make changes by itself.

Enter a high value in the camera, which means that the environment is cold, and the camera will automatically adjust the color temperature. If the input value is low, it will tell the camera that the environment is warm, and the camera will adjust the color tone.

3. Automatically set the scene mode

When you don’t know the color temperature index of your environment, you can choose to automatically set the scene mode, which is fast and effective. It is divided into 6 modes: daylight white balance (outdoor use), shadow white balance, cloudy white balance, tungsten filament lamp, white fluorescent lamp, flash lamp, and so on.

4. Custom white balance

This is also a difficult method, let the camera adjust and correct the color based on white paper.

First, choose the white balance option to the custom white balance, the camera will shoot according to the custom white balance you set, but the premise is that you have set a custom white balance for this scene.

As for how to set the custom white balance, it still depends on the manual, different camera settings are different.

At this time, some people may ask, you can use some retouching software to adjust the color temperature later. The premise of the adjustment is that no matter the SLR or mobile phone, the photo format must be RAW. If it is in JPG or PNG format, adjusting the color temperature will affect the image quality, and it will be ugly when it comes out.

And it is not a panacea in the later stage. Not every good picture taken in the early stage can not be saved in every later stage. Taking pictures is always more important in the early stage than in the later stage.

As for the variety of filters, it can only make your photos icing on the cake, but not save your waste.

Live broadcast, you need a ring light

The above is about taking pictures, and when your identity is a celebrity or anchor, and you often need to live broadcast, you are unlikely to show your video through post-editing.

At this time, you even need a QIAYA ring light, which can not only help you fill light, but also adjust the color temperature to adapt to different live broadcast needs.

It has 3 color modes, white, warm light, warm yellow, each color mode can be adjusted in 10 levels, different levels of light can be achieved.

Its light stand can be adjusted, and the mobile phone stand can also be adjusted to help you get different angles of lighting. It can be said that it is very intimate. Many celebrities are using it!

Whether taking pictures or videos, sometimes we have to use some good fill light tools. QIAYA ring light, you must not miss it. Want to know how effective it is, try it and you will know.


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