Reflective umbrellas are mainly photographic tools for many photographers. Because they are easy to use, they are ideal for location shooting.

The QIAYA reflective umbrella is made entirely of high quality fabrics and coated with finished materials, thus creating a quality light and durability. QIAYA reflective umbrellas are available with two versions--the gold reflective umbrella and the silver reflective umbrella. The gold one provides a distinctive warm lighting, while silver reflective umbrellas are perfect for a wide, even lighting. Both the two versions offer unparalleled possibilities for shaping light.

This short guide will help you find the right reflective umbrella you need.

What shape to choose

Deeper shapes help you control more precisely -- creating more concentrated light, less scattered light and greater imaging focus effect. The umbrellas of flatter shape provide a larger lighting range and are ideal for creating an even, shiny background.

What colour to choose

The silver reflective umbrella creates a natural, direct light with a higher contrast for a high-intensity light output, which is similar to the effect of a hard mirror. Soft light umbrella is more natural and softer. It allows light to pass through and reduces contrast by diffusing and softening the light. If you need to shoot up close, soft light umbrella is perfect for you to create soft light.

What size to choose

The reflective umbrellas are range in size from the smallest 85 cm to the largest 165 cm. Size affects the light quality and the light field. The bigger reflective umbrella produces the softer light. In addition, a larger reflective umbrella creates an even illumination over a larger area, making it suitable for full-body or group portraits.