• "Four minutes later, the meeting started. Has Tom arrived?"
  • "Lucy, you will show the PPT next Monday and be prepared."
  • "Shelley, the lights on your side are too dim to see your documents..."

During the isolation at home, video conferencing suddenly became a part of our work. This unexpected change made many people caught off guard.

What kind of image do you want to appear in the eyes of colleagues? Are your colleagues curious about the decoration in your home? Can you judge the various messages conveyed in their eyes?

We collected some professional opinions from professionals so that everyone can present a better image in the video conference, and better work and earn a living.

1. Choose a comfortable working environment

When video conferencing, the focus of attendees should be on the content of the meeting, not your artwork collected from around the world, or your messy office.

Where you participate in a video conference, make sure it is quiet, simple, tidy, and clean, and the noise is low. It can be a part of your own favorite or most comfortable house, preferably with a few work-related artworks.

Remember not to video in front of a white wall, very unflattering.

If you are a designer, you can put a few pictures or posters with a strong sense of design. If you are a photographer, you can put some cameras or lenses, which will leave a deep impression.

Of course, you can also use Zoom's virtual background function, the background color should be a solid color, green is the best. And the color of the clothes and the background must be different, otherwise, you will be integrated into the background.

It is highly recommended that you use the company's logo as the background, whether it is in an internal meeting or when meeting with a customer, it is very suitable for the situation, and it is also very easy to use. The most important thing is to protect your privacy.

2. Create the perfect light

The problem of light is very important. Proper use of light will make you half successful. Refuse the desk lamp, this will make you all shadows in front of the camera, very unsightly.

People in the film and television industry will tell you that they are all using ring lights. The light produced by the ring light is more stable than the lights at home and can emit soft and even light, reducing the shadow of the light on the face.

You appear in the video are natural and generous, beautiful/handsome, very spirited and leave a good impression.

According to CNBC news, the ring light has become one of the beneficiaries of new coronary pneumonia. In recent weeks, the ring light has become one of the best-selling products in "mobile phones and accessories" on Amazon.

Twitter is also full of posts about people buying ring lights, and there are many photos on Instagram where people use ring lights as props.

Ring lights are becoming more and more popular. Our 9-inch QIAYA ring lights can meet the Zoom video conference and your needs. White, warm color, warm yellow, 3 color modes can be switched arbitrarily, each color mode can be adjusted to 10 levels, it is also very convenient to use.

3. Pay attention to the audio settings

Many people make a mistake when they first participate in a Zoom meeting, that is, the speakers are too loud, causing noise pollution to others.

Before speaking, check that your microphone is not turned on. You have started talking incessantly, but no one heard. This situation should be avoided.

Also make sure that when you speak, make sure that other people have been tuned to silent mode and concentrate on listening to you.

The stable arrangement is that before the official start of the meeting, you can rehearse to ensure that everything is normal.


4. Look at the camera while talking 

Don't look at yourself on the screen when you speak, because, in the eyes of others, your attention is elsewhere. The correct approach should be to place the camera and monitor at the same eye height and look directly at the camera.

This creates a nice atmosphere where you are looking at them and having eye contact with them. Everyone at the meeting is also happy to participate.


5. Pay attention to wearing

When you participate in a formal video conference, you should also dress formally to show that you value this conference. If you ensure that no one asks you to stand up during the meeting, then the upper body is formal and the lower body is pajamas or shorts.

At the end of the Zoom meeting, remember to turn off the camera, otherwise, it will be a live broadcast.


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