With regard to the photographic lights, almost everyone has heard about the flash light and fill light. Perhaps you will have questions about the flash light and fill light, which one is better for your photography?

In this issue, we will provide a detailed description and comparison of fill light and flash light, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the two kinds of photographic lights and choose the proper photographic lights in photography.

The difference between flash light and fill light

First, let's talk about the fill light. It is a constant light that features the LED lamp beads as the light source. One of the biggest features of fill light is that it has the great lighting effect. What's more, it is also simple to operate and multifunctional for still life photography, close-up portrait photography, live-streaming, video recording, stage lighting and so on. You can use them as the fill light at any occasion with poor lighting. Last but not least, this kind of light is still very cheap and the ideal partner for your daily photography! There are a variety of fill light, ring-shaped, square, rod and so on.


The most common flash light is the top hot shoe flash. Of course the kind of cylinder-shaped light hidden in the light box you use when taking a document photo is also a flash light. Flash light is the most commonly used photographic lamp in wedding photography and portrait photography. One of their common features, the biggest difference from the fill light, is that its power is much higher, and the color temperature deviation is smaller.

Fill light and flash light, which is good for you?

Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of photographic lights.One of the biggest advantages of the flash light is its ability to illuminate the subject with high power at instant, allowing the sharpness of the photo to reach the highest level immediately without any color deviation. However, one of the disadvantages is that you need certain skills and knowledge about the lighting then you could work with it well. Another one is that flash light is more expensive than the fill light. It is possible that a professional flash is more expensive than the lamp more expensive than you can buy a Digital Single Lens Reflex.

As the rising star, led fill lights still have a little more advantages over flash lights, and we've summarized three points:The fill light features the better light-replenishing effect, is easier to carry and simple to operate. Even if you don't know anything about the lighting still and knowledge, you could still play it well.

The light quality of the complement is softer. In terms of light quality, the light can be adjusted at any time and the fill light is softer than flash light. With the fill light, you don't even need the LightSphere and lambency umbrella and other diffusing accessories. Most flash lights feature the high power and the hard light. In portrait shooting, the flash often works through bounce flash. Remember that don't flash directly to the under-one-year babies' eyes, otherwise which may damage the babies' eyes.

Third, fill light can help finish focusing in low light conditions. Using flash light in low light conditions would cause the poor focusing and repeating focusing. However, fill light can improve the lighting conditions for the constant time thus helping the camera to focus easily.

QIAYA mini ring light

However, fill light also has its own defects. Because its power is not very high then if you use the fill light in the day may generate backlight or if you put the fill light far from the shooting subject, the fill light may not work well.As for the portrait photography, ring lights are the ideal choice for those like taking selfie cause it would create beautiful ring light in your eyes.

As for the still life photography, the lighting of the flash is too hard. It would be better for you to choose the LED fill light with soft lighting to present more details of the subject and create the Depth of Field to make the images with rich layers.What's more, the fill light with multiple color temperature would make the rich and colorful photography. While, for the refractive subjects like cup that need strong lighting, using flash would avoid the the shadow and flare.

All in all, the fill light and flash have advantages or disadvantages, the photographer should choose the lighting equipment according to their own shooting needs. Here are some tips:
If you are a photography beginner and the shutterbug, the fill light would be your ideal choice. Fill light is simple to operate and cheaper, suitable for still life photography, child portrait, video recording, live streaming and so on. If you want to capture the images of the moving subject or concern about the correct colour temperature or just want the strong light, then you should choose the flash. Of course, if you don't care about the cost, the combination of flash light and fill light would be better.

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