In some cases, photos are not necessarily as clear as possible. For example, when taking portraits, many women want the effect of the photos to be hazy to cover up the thin wrinkles or skin patches on their faces. When photographing scenery or still life, we sometimes consider adding some romantic and softness and unique dreamy effect to the image. There are many ways to create the soft light at the time of shooting or in post-production of images. Here for you to introduce some special soft light equipment, as well as some simple, economical, practical methods to create soft light.

1. Lambency mirror

Lambency mirror can bring you gentle and romantic artistic conception, make you immerse in a gentle on the subject. Lambency mirror is suitable for film and scenery like shooting, facial blemish for characters on beautification effect. The principle of Lambency mirror is very easy to understand. There are some spots of slightly concave pattern on the transparent lens skin. These spots will inject light into the lens to produce diffuse effect, resulting in a soft light effect.


The translucent white umbrella can soften, broaden and diffuse the light output of any tungsten or studio flash source.
Material: Nylon material, Aluminum
Size:33"/84 cm
Folded Length:22.4"/57 cm
Shaft diameter:8 mm

3. Grease

Vaseline is one of the most common skin care oils, and when it comes to making works with a soft light effect, just apply Vaseline to a UV or skyglass with your finger or cotton swab. Because grease has a certain degree of transparency, and can make light diffuse. This soft light effect is mainly determined by the amount and distribution of the grease, the more grease, the greater the density, the stronger the soft light effect.

4. Gauzes

The most convenient way to create the soft light effect is to use gauze to wrap the screen (scarves or stockings) of the lens and hold it with a rubber band. The strength of the soft light effect is controlled by the density and tightness of the gauze, and the larger mesh screen should generally be chosen to increase the light transmission.

5. scotch tape

Pasting scotch tape in front of the lens also can create the wonderful soft light effect. Just cut some tape into a number of strips and attach them to the lens frame or hood. You can just paste strips where you want to have an effect. It can be overlapped if you want the strong soft light and you can also add some stained cellophane to create the specific colour.

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